World's Greatest Minds Mix and Mingle Over Coffee, Tea and Cookies

"It is sometimes called 'a scholar’s paradise' – the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton recently welcomed its latest group of 200 top-of-their field scholars from around the world.

Thirty-five Nobel Laureates and 42 of the 60 Fields Medalists have worked or studied at the Institute since it was founded in 1930. No degrees are offered, but scholars are free to pursue knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Acceptance to the Institute is considered to be the pinnacle of academic and scientific life in the world.

But despite all of the academics, one of the Institute’s most cherished and longstanding traditions is the 3 p.m. teatime. It is a chance for the members to mix and mingle and to bounce ideas off one another."

Brian Donohue host of "Positively New Jersey" pays a visit to IAS to experience teatime for himself.

Watch the video at News 12 NJ.