Countdown to Launch of SRG Mission in Search of Dark Energy

Rashid Sunyaev, Maureen and John Hendricks Distinguished Visiting Professor in the School of Natural Sciences, is the Russian Scientific Head of the Spectrum-Roentgen-Gamma (SRG) mission, which promises a trove of data for researchers to probe the largest structures of the universe and perhaps reveal clues into the hidden primordial forces of the cosmos, dark energy, and dark matter.

The launch is currently scheduled for Saturday, July 13, 2019, at 08:31 EDT from the Baikonur launch site in Kazakhstan. Follow the launch and learn more about this groundbreaking mission using the links below:

Nature article
Science article

Animation 1
Animation 2
SRG arrival in Baikonur (part 1)
SRG arrival in Baikonur (part 2)
SRG Block-DM03 integration
Rocket payload integration
Rocket transport and installation on launch platform


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