Watch: Robbert Dijkgraaf Advocates Frontier Research in ERC Live Debate

Robbert Dijkgraaf, IAS Director and Leon Levy Professor, will join a panel of distinguished scientists at the European Research Council conference “A Sustainable Future for Europe—The Contribution of Frontier Research” on December 3, 2019, in Brussels.

The panel debate, which will offer a global perspective on the role of frontier research with a view on sustainability, will be streamed live on December 3 from 11:50 a.m.–12:50 p.m. EST (17:50–18:50 CET). Tune in here.

In addition to Dijkgraaf, the panel will include Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe, 2019 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, Director for the Target Discovery Institute at Oxford University, and Director of Clinical Research at the Francis Crick Institute, London; Subra Suresh, President of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; and Anita Lehikoinen, Permanent Secretary in the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. Prominent technology policy reporter Jennifer Baker will moderate.

This event will be an occasion for scientists and policymakers to discuss how frontier research can help tackle some of today's most significant sustainability challenges, such as renewable energy, biodiversity threats, demographic change, and the medicine of the future.

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