Firestone Library services request

Special note: We have an adjusted schedule to avoid Princeton's alumni weekend and graduation. We will be going on Wednesday, May 22 and Wednesday, May 29, please plan accordingly! 

Library staff go to Princeton University’s Firestone Library on Tuesday and Friday weather permitting* to provide three services. *We will always try for two days a week. 

We offer: 1. A short term loan service (we bring books back for you for a one month loan), 2. placing books on 3 day hold in Firestone Library for you to pick up for longer use, and 3. scanning (within copyright limits). We will have to follow the limit of six books each trip and six scans per person when there are a large volume of requests or are oversized. Requests take time for processing when held in Recap by Princeton University Library. 

Larger multi-volume requests may have to be placed in the Institute room for you to use.

format wanted
Would you use an ebook if the print book is unavailable?

For scans, please supply the following: