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How to Care for Succulents Indoors

Indoor succulents require care unlike a normal houseplant. In order to keep their vibrant colors alive, they have to be in constant sunlight and cared for in order to stay healthy and look good as new every day. 

Keep in Direct Sunlight 

Make sure you have a safe and well lit place in your home to keep your succulent. Keeping them in direct sunlight is the only way to insure sustained health when keeping succulents inside. 

A window sill is a great place to keep your succulent. Try and get them at least six hours of direct sunlight each day in a sunny spot in your home. 

Watering infrequently, but enough 

Surprisingly succulents need a fair amount of water to survive indoors. Be sure to keep them well watered, but not as much as your other indoor plants. 

Try and soak the roots as much as possible, and then after a few days of dry soil, water from the top. Using a spray bottle will also help them survive for a while but the most effective way for lasting effects is to soak them, then let your succulent dry out, and repeat the process, this is known by professionals as the "soak and dry" method. 

Watering them every day is more harmful than you would think, follow these watering steps for ideal sustainability. 







Keep your succulents in draining containers. 

Glass is the enemy when it comes to sustaining the life of your succulent. Due to the watering instructions stated above, they do not like to be soaked in water and need water sparingly throughout the week. Giving them good airflow in a draining pot, or a vessel with openings will allow the succulent  to stay healthy and maintain healthy roots.