Athletic Facilities

The Institute's fitness center is a light cardiovascular exercise facility with a variety of exercise equipment as well as shower facilities. The center is accessible 24 hours a day with an activated Institute ID card and is free of charge. For reasons of liability, access is only available to adults over the age of 18 who are affiliated with the Institute. Completion of a waiver application is required prior to card activation.

Tennis and pickleball courts are located to the west of the von Neumann apartment buildings. Inquiries for use may be made to the Receptionist in Fuld Hall.

Individuals holding a formal position of Faculty, Member, Visitor, or staff of the Institute may also apply to Princeton University for a reduced rate permit that provides access to their athletic facilities. In order to receive the reduced rate of Affiliate an Institute ID issued to the applicant must be presented at the time of application. Detailed information can be obtained at (609) 258-1647 or

The Institute's campus includes a 500-acre nature reserve of woodlands and fields, interlaced with extensive trails enjoyed year-round by bird watchers, walkers, runners, and cross-country skiers.