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Impact of the Past Lecture: Patricia Clavin

Brexit: "Jolly Old Storm Clouds", Britain and Europe, 19192019

This lecture will uncover the deep historical roots of Britain’s decision to leave the Europe Union. From the crafting of a world order in 1919, it highlights how Britain—simultaneously globalist and nationalist—was and remains an uneasy regional power. It explains why, although Britain joined European institutions, it never fully embraced Europe. And it asks how Europe and the world are to make sense of the notion that Brexit signifies a new “Global Britain,” given the nationalism signaled by a unilateral decision to leave the EU, and a process that challenges the coherence of the main political parties and the United Kingdom itself.


Patricia Clavin

Speaker Affiliation

Professor of International History, Jesus College, University of Oxford


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Date & Time
March 27, 2019 | 5:30pm


Wolfensohn Hall

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