Symplectic geometry seminar

Jul 24 2020


Speaker: John Pardon
9:15am | Remote Access - see Zoom link below
Jul 17 2020


Speaker: Three Research Talks
9:15am | Remote Access - see Zoom link below
Jul 10 2020


Speaker: Peter Ozsváth
9:15am | Remote Access - see Zoom link below
Jul 03 2020

Infinite staircases and reflexive polygons

Speaker: Tara Holm, Ana Rita Pires
9:15am | Remote Access - see Zoom link below
A classic result, due to McDuff and Schlenk, asserts that the function that encodes when a four-dimensional symplectic ellipsoid can be embedded into a four-dimensional ball has a remarkable structure: the function has infinitely many corners, determined by the odd-index Fibonacci...
Jun 26 2020

Distinguishing monotone Lagrangians via holomorphic annuli

Speaker: Ailsa Keating
9:15am | Remote Access - see Zoom link below
We present techniques for constructing families of compact, monotone (including exact) Lagrangians in certain affine varieties, starting with Brieskorn-Pham hypersurfaces. We will focus on dimensions 2 and 3. In particular, we'll explain how to set up well-defined...
Jun 19 2020

Exotic symplectomorphisms and contact circle action

Speaker: Igor Uljarevic
9:15am | Remote Access - see Zoom link below
An exotic symplectomorphism is a symplectomorphism that is not isotopic to the identity through compactly supported symplectomorphisms.Using Floer-theoretic methods, we prove that the non-existence of an exotic symplectomorphism on the standard symplectic ball, $\mathbb{B}^{...
Jun 12 2020

Floer Cohomology and Arc Spaces

Speaker: Mark McLean
9:15am | Remote Access - see Zoom link below
Let f be a polynomial over the complex numbers with an isolated singular point at the origin and let d be a positive integer. To such a polynomial we can assign a variety called the dth contact locus of f. Morally, this corresponds to the space of d-jets of holomorphic disks in complex...
Jun 05 2020

Three Short Research Talks

Speaker: Morgan Weiler, Joé Brendel, Abror Pirnapasov
9:00am |
Morgan Weiler, Rice University: Infinite staircases of symplectic embeddings of ellipsoids into Hirzebruch surfaces Gromov nonsqueezing tells us that symplectic...
May 29 2020

Duality for Rabinowitz-Floer homology

Speaker: Alex Oancea
9:00am |
I will explain a duality theorem with products in Rabinowitz-Floer homology. This has a bearing on string topology and explains a number of dualities that have been observed in that setting. Joint work in progress with Kai Cieliebak and Nancy Hingston.
May 22 2020

Mirrors of curves and their Fukaya categories

Speaker: Denis Auroux
9:00am |
Homological mirror symmetry predicts that the derived category of coherent sheaves on a curve has a symplectic counterpart as the Fukaya category of a mirror space. However, with the exception of elliptic curves, this mirror is usually a symplectic Landau-Ginzburg model, i.e. a non-compact...