eduroam Installation Guide for Linux

Linux Setup for eduroam

Note: If you have a previous eduroam profile, you will need to delete it first.   Directions are at the bottom of the page.

Go to

Click the "download your eduroam installer" button

linux eduroam setup (1)

When prompted to select your institution, select "Institute for Advanced Study"

Click on the "Download your eduroam installer" button for Linux


Linux eduroam setup (2)





Instructions as follows for Ubuntu 18.04.1
1. Download the CAT installer for our institution from, this will download a python script and this may not run on its own.
2. Open up a terminal window and locate where python is installed, this can be done by running the command whereis python
3. Browse to where python is installed and run python[version] /home/[user]/Downloads/[downloaded installer file]
i.e. python3 ~/Downloads/
4. Follow prompts and enter your user credentials when prompted
5. Join the Eduroam wireless network

Read the Information page. Click "OK" button.


linux eduroam setup (3)















Read the scope of the CAT installer. Click the "Yes" button.

Read the compliance policy. Click Yes.   Note:  If you have installed eduroam prior, an additional prompt saying "Directory /home/cmk/.config/cat_installer exists; some of its files may be overwritten. Continue?" will be presented.  Select "Yes"

Enter your IAS email credentials (example, in the labeled boxes and then click the "OK" button.


linux eduroam setup (5) 

Type in your password. Click OK

Re-enter your password. Click OK.

Installation is complete. Click the "OK" button.

In Network Manager, select the wireless network "eduroam".


Linux Network Manager List
Linux Network Manager List



Network Settings View


Here is what the network settings should resemble:


ubuntu linux network settings










Removing/Forgetting an eduroam profile

Command line

  1. Open a system terminal.
  2. Type in the following command:
    nmcli c delete id eduroam
    and press the ENTER key.

Graphical interface

  1. In your computer's notification area, right-click on the NetworkManager Applet icon.

    If your computer doesn't have a NetworkManager Applet icon, click the Applications Menu button and navigate to Settings, then to Network Connections.

  2. Select Edit Connections.
  3. In the Network Connections window, select "eduroam", then click the minus (-) button.
    linux network connect eduroam
  4. When asked if you are sure you wish to delete the eduroam connection, click Delete.
  5. Close the Network Connections window.