Dynamic DNS (DDNS)

Dynamic DNS (DDNS)

What is DDNS?


How DDNS works at IAS?

When a device is connected to the network, it will be assigned an unique IP address and an unique name. On the wireless and housing networks, the handing out of IP address is dynamic. One week a laptop may be assigned the IP address of But, a week later, that same laptop may be given the address of For people who want to connect remotely to their machines, this has been an issue. To resolve this issue, IAS enabled Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS). With dynamic DNS, the network device owner can remotely connect to that device by an easy-to-remember, static name and not the ever-changing IP address.

Example: The host name on the John Smith's laptop is jsmith. If there are no other hosts on the wireless network with a host name of jsmith, John Smith's laptop will be given a name on the wireless network of jsmith.wireless.ias.edu. He will be able to ping and ssh directly to his laptop by using the name jsmith.wireless.ias.edu.