Manage your Duo Multi-Factor Secure Key on Duo Central

This guide will help you to enroll your DuoSecurity Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) secure key.  Before you begin, ensure you are using a secure key supported by DuoSecurity.

Start by loading your web browser.

The front page of the website.

 Next, browse to the IAS Duo Central website at

The website with the IAS Duo Central URL typed into the location bar.

After logging in successfully, you'll see the Duo Central page.

The IAS Duo Central website.

Click Manage Devices in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  You'll be authenticated again.  You'll then arrive at your devices list.

The Duo Devices list showing all your DuoSecurity devices and an option to add a device.

From here, click on the Add a Device icon.

Selection box with the type of DuoSecurity device to add, Duo Mobile, Security Key, or Phone Number.

Select Security Key and you'll be shown a dialog saying when prompted to use your security key. 

A dialog box saying to When prompted, use your security key.  It has a continue button.

Activate your security key when prompted.

A prompt asking you to Use your security key with

If successful, you'll be greeted with a prompt saying that your security key has been added.

A success prompt saying that your DuoSecurity key has been added successfully.

Click Continue and you'll see your new security key is now listed under you list of devices.

The DuoSecurity device list.  A Security Key and Android device are in the list.  An add a new device button is visible on the righ.

The next time you log in, you may still be prompted for a Duo Push.

A Duo Push prompt with an "Other options" link in the middle.

Click Other Options to give a list of your available devices to use.  Your device list may be different from the example image.

A list of optional Duo devices to use to login.

Click on Security key to use your newly enrolled security key.

A duo prompt asking you to use your security key.

Use your security key and you should be able to log in successfully.  For more help, please contact your school's helpdesk.