Playing your messages

Your phone has a message waiting indicator which lights or flashes to indicate new messages. Note: a few phones have more than one mailbox assigned. These phones are generally in locations where one person covers more than one mailbox. On these phones, the message waiting indicator lights to indicate that a message was received on one of the mailboxes, but it does not specify which one. You must then check ALL of the mailboxes to insure that you have received all of the waiting messages.

To play your messages Press Effect
1. After logging in, listen to the mailbox summary. The mailbox summary tells you how many new messages you have, and if any of them are urgent. New messages play first, followed by all previously played messages, in chronological order.
2. Listen to the message announcement. You hear the message envelope, with the sender's name and the date and time of the message.
3. To play the message, press 2.
Message plays.
To skip back, press 1.
Message 5 seconds earlier plays.
To skip forward, press 3.
Message 5 seconds later plays.
To pause, press #.
Message playback stops.
To continue after pausing, press 2.
Message playback continues.
To go to the next message, press 6.
Next message plays.
To go to the previous message, press 4.
Previous message plays.
To go to a specific message, press 86, (message number), #
8 6
Specified message plays.
To delete a message. press 76 while playing the message or its announcement.
7 6
"Message deleted."
To restore a deleted message (within the current session only), press 76 again.
7 6
"Message restored."
To play the message envelope, press 72.
7 2
Message envelope plays.
To empty your mailbox Press Effect
1. Press 76 to delete each message while playing the message or its announcement.
7 6
Deleted messages are removed when you press 81 or hang up.
2. Press 81 to empty your mailbox if you wish to log in again without hanging up.
8 1