Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

The Institute offers electric vehicle Level 2 charging for anyone in the Institute community free of charge.  The only requirement to use the charging equipment is to have a valid Institute ID card.  Operating instructions are posted on the charger.  Currently, we have two reserved parking spots located in front of the Activities Building in Member Housing.  We're incorporating additional charging areas in future projects. 

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, please be considerate to others that may be waiting to use the chargers.  Please take note of the following. 

  • CHARGING SPACES ARE FOR CHARGING - Cars should only be parked in the designated area when they are actively charging.  When a charge is complete, drivers should disconnect their vehicles as soon as possible and move their cars from the space to allow others to access the charger.
  • MONITOR YOUR CHARGE WHEN AWAY FROM VEHICLE - If your vehicle will be fully charged in just a few hours, please make an effort to move it from the charging area to make it available for others who may be waiting.
  • PUT THE CONNECTOR BACK WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED - Making sure the connector is placed securely in the charger helps prevent damage to the connector and eliminates a trip hazard for other vehicle owners.  If there is an issue with the connector, please report it to publicsafety@ias.edu.