Using Princeton University Library services and collections during the pandemic

21 March 2022 update:

It appears that you no longer need to enroll in the University's Asymptomatic Testing program. T

Princeton University Library privileges: We have online forms that will assist you with setting up your Princeton University Library account; please contact your Institute library staff (Historical Studies-Social Sciences, or Mathematics-Natural Sciences) for the forms.  The first is for requesting a NetID, and the second for connecting your NetID (once received) to a PUL library account. When you receive a library account, this will also generate a PUL library key card which opens locked library doors. Please contact hslib [at] or mnlib [at]

Once you have your NetID as well as a library card, you are required to take the COVID19 awareness training before you can request any books: : the class to take is Safe Practices for Resumption of On-Campus Operations. There is a 24 hour delay between taking the class and your ability to request books.