Using Princeton University Library services and collections during the pandemic

July 2021 note: There are important changes to note with regard to how Princeton University Library handles access. You no longer need to make a reservation to enter the library, however you will still need to enroll in the University's Asymptomatic Testing program. The HathiTrust Emergency Collection was disabled in early August. Princeton University Library still is not allowing partner access. [The Institute Librarians are here to assist partners with obtaining research materials!]

1. Princeton University Library privileges: We have online forms that will assist you with setting up your Princeton University Library account; please contact your Institute library staff (Historical Studies-Social Sciences, or Mathematics-Natural Sciences) for the forms.  The first is for requesting a NetID, and the second for connecting your NetID (once received) to a PUL library account. When you receive a library account, this will also generate a PUL library key card which opens locked library doors. Please contact hslib [at] or mnlib [at]

Once you have your NetID as well as a library card, you are required to take the COVID19 awareness training before you can request any books: : the class to take is Safe Practices for Resumption of On-Campus Operations. There is a 24 hour delay between taking the class and your ability to request books.

2. Individuals from the Institute community may access the libraries, however they are first REQUIRED to enroll** in the University's Asymptomatic Testing program.  Only those who are enrolled in that program may work in the library.

**To enroll in the program, they should contact Tara Zarillo by email (tlreilly [at]

3. Given that you are required to fill in the Institute COVID19 daily check-in before coming to campus, you don't have to use Princeton's daily system check: before going to retrieve books from the University Libraries.