Economics Working Papers

The Economics Working Papers of the School of Social Science allow work begun or continued at the Institute by Members to appear for public discussion before publication. Papers are updated as new versions are produced. Most of these papers are ultimately published as journal articles or book chapters.

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September 2015, Paper Number 110
Paper withdrawn by the author

April 2015, Paper Number 109
Credibility and Strategic Learning in Networks
Kalyan Chatterjee and Bhaskar Dutta

March 2015, Paper Number 108
Decentralised Bilateral Trading in a Market with Incomplete Information
Kalyan Chatterjee and Kaustav Das

January 2015, Paper Number 107
Premature Deindustrialization
Dani Rodrik

December 2014, Paper Number 106
Strategic dissent in the Hotelling-Downs model with sequential entry and private information
Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, Manaswini Bhalla, Kalyan Chatterjee, and Jaideep Roy

December 2014, Paper Number 105
Decentralised bilateral trading, competition for bargaining partners and the “law of one price”
Kalyan Chatterjee and Kaustav Das

July 2014, Paper Number 104
Size of RJVs with partial cooperation in product development
Marc Bourreau, Pinar Doğan, and Matthieu Manant

June 2014, Paper Number 103
Making money by giving it for free: Radiohead's pre-release strategy for In Rainbows
Marc Bourreau, Pinar Doğan, and Sounman Hong

May 2014, Paper Number 102
An African Growth Miracle?
Dani Rodrik

November 2013, Paper Number 101
Green Industrial Policy
Dani Rodrik

November 2013, Paper Number 100
When Ideas Trump Interests: Preferences, World Views, and Policy Innovations
Dani Rodrik

June 2011, Paper Number 99
Divide and Rule or the Rule of the Divided? Evidence from Africa
Stelios Michalopoulos and Elias Papaioannou

April 2011, Paper Number 98
Evolution and the Growth Process: Natural Selection of Entrepreneurial Traits
Oded Galor and Stelios Michalopoulos

May 2011, Paper Number 97
Financial Innovation and Endogenous Growth
Stelios Michalopoulos, Luc Laeven, and Ross Levine

May 2011, Paper Number 96
Trade and Geography in the Economic Origins and Spread of Islam: Theory and Evidence
Stelios Michalopoulos, Alireza Naghavi, Giovanni Prarolo

May 2011, Paper Number 95
The Origins of Ethnolinguistic Diversity
Stelios Michalopoulos

November 2010, Paper Number 94
Of Candidates and Character
B. Douglas Bernheim and Navin Kartik

June 2010, Paper Number 93
The Arrow Impossibility Theorem: Where Do We Go From Here?
Eric Maskin

May 2010, Paper Number 92
The Dynamics of Optimal Risk Sharing
Patrick Bolton and Christopher Harris

May 2009, Paper Number 91
Group versus individual decision-making: Is there a shift?
Attila Ambrus, Ben Greiner and Parag Pathak

May 2009, Paper Number 90
Continuous Implementation
Marion Oury and Olivier Tercieux

February 2009, Paper Number 89
Public Disagreement
Rajiv Sethi and Muhamet Yildiz

February 2009, Paper Number 88
Group Inequality
Samuel Bowles, Glenn C. Loury and Rajiv Sethi

January 2009, Paper Number 87 Updated Paper, May 1, 2009
Implementation with Evidence: Complete Information
Navin Kartik and Olivier Tercieux

December 2008, Paper Number 86
Nash Equilibrium and Mechanism Design
Eric Maskin

December 2008, Paper Number 85
Log-Linear Dynamics and Local Potential
Daijiro Okada and Olivier Tercieux

September 2008, Paper Number 84
Can Neural Data Improve Economics?
Eric Maskin

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May 2008, Paper Number 83
On the Benefits of Costly Voting
Vijay Krishna and John Morgan

February 2008, Paper Number 82
A Continuous model of multilateral bargaining with random arrival times
Attila Ambrus and Shih En Lu

February 2008, Paper Number 81
Mechanism Design: How to Implement Social Goals
Eric S. Maskin

December 2007, Paper Number 80
Evolution, Cooperation, and Repeated Games (based on work with D. Fudenberg)
Eric Maskin

November 2007, Paper Number 79
Consumption Risk-sharing in Social Networks
Attila Ambrus, Markus Mobius and Adam Szeidl

September 2007, Paper Number 78
Changing Identity: The Emergence of Social Groups
Ulrich Horst, Alan Kirman and Miriam Teschl

July 2007, Paper Number 77
Perishable Durable Goods
In-Koo Cho

February 2007, Paper Number 76
Consistency, Heterogeneity, and Granularity of Individual Behavior under Uncertainty
Syngjoo Choi, Raymond Fisman, Douglas Gale and Shachar Kariv
American Economic Review (forthcoming)

August 2006, Paper Number 75
Public-Private Partnerships and Government Spending Limits
Eric Maskin and Jean Tirole
International Journal of Industrial Organization (forthcoming).

July 2006, Paper Number 74 Updated Paper, August 2006
On the Fundamental Theorems of General Equilibrium
Eric S. Maskin and Kevin W. S. Roberts
Economic Theory (forthcoming)

June 2006, Paper Number 73
Demand Theory and General Equilibrium: From Explanation to Introspection, a Journey Down the Wrong Road
Alan Kirman
History of Political Economy, 2006, 38, pp. 246-280.

May 2006, Paper Number 72
Bernoulli Without Bayes: A Theory of Utility-Sophisticated Preferences under Ambiguity
Klaus Nehring

May 2006, Paper Number 71
Thinking Deeply and Feeling Depressed: The Affective Costs of Elaborating on Too Much Choice
Erica Carranza and Sheena Iyenga

May 2006, Paper Number 70 Updated Paper, April 2008
The Mere Categorization Effect: How the Presence of Categories Increases Choosers' Perceptions of Assortment Variety and Outcome Satisfaction
Cassie Mogilner, Tamar Rudnick and Sheena Iyengar

May 2006, Paper Number 69
Willpower and the Optimal Control of Visceral Urges
Emre Ozdenoren, Stephen Salant, and Dan Silverman

May 2006, Paper Number 68
The (Im)Possibility of a Paretian Rational
Klaus Nehring

May 2006, Paper Number 67
Is it Possible to Define Subjective Probabilities in Purely Behavioral Terms? A Comment on Epstein-Zhang (2001)
Klaus Nehring

April 2006, Paper Number 66
The Unexpected Value of Litigation: A Real Options Perspective
Joseph A. Grundfest and Peter H. Huang
Stanford Law Review, 2006, 58, 1267-.

April 2006, Paper Number 65
Metacognitive Control and Optimal Learning
Lisa K. Son and Rajiv Sethi
Cognitive Science, (forthcoming)

April 2006, Paper Number 64
Transfer of Megacognitive Skills and Hint Seeking in Monkeys
Nate Kornell, Lisa K. Son, and Herbert S. Terrace
Psychological Science, (forthcoming)

March 2006, Paper Number 63
A Psychology of Emotional Legal Decision Making: Revulsion and Saving Face in Legal Theory and Practice
Peter H. Huang and Christopher J. Anderson
Minnesota Law Review, 2006, 90, pp. 1045-1071.

December 2005, Paper Number 62 Updated Paper, September 2006
Emotional Impact Analysis in Financial Regulation: Going Beyond Cost-Benefit Analysis
Peter H. Huang

December 2005, Paper Number 61
Distinguishing Social Preferences from Preferences for Altruism
Raymond Fisman, Shachar Kariv, and Daniel Markovits

November 2005, Paper Number 60
A Simple Scheme to Improve the Efficiency of Referenda
Alessandra Casella and Andrew Gelman

November 2005, Paper Number 59
Minorities and Storable Votes
Alessandra Casella, Thomas Palfrey, and Raymond Riezman

October 2005, Paper Number 58 Updated Paper, April 2006
On the Rationale for Penalty Default Rules
Eric Maskin
Florida State University Law Review, 2006, 33, (3), pp. 557-562.

August 2005, Paper Number 57
Rationalizable Expectations
Elchanan Ben-Porath and Aviad Heifetz

July 2005, Paper Number 56
Secure Implementation
Tatsuyoshi Saijo, Tomas Sjöström, and Takehiko Yamato

July 2005, Paper Number 55
Secure Implementation Experiments: Do Strategy-proof Mechanisms Really Work?
Timothy N. Cason, Tatsuyoshi Saijo, Tomas Sjöström, and Takehiko Yamato
Games and Economic Behavior, 2006, 57(2), pp. 206-235

May 2005, Paper Number 54
The Killing Game: Reputation and Knowledge in Non-Democratic Succession
Georgy Egorov and Konstantin Sonin

May 2005, Paper Number 53
Dictators and Their Viziers: Agency Problems in Dictatorships
Georgy Egorov and Konstantin Sonin

April 2005, Paper Number 52
Implementation of the Recursive Core for Partition Function Form Games
Chen-Ying Huang and Tomas Sjöström

February 2005, Paper Number 51
Endogenous Affirmative Action: Gender Bias Leads to Gender Quotas
François Maniquet and Massimo Morelli

January 2005, Paper Number 50
Information Transmission in Coalitional Voting Games
Roberto Serrano and Rajiv Vohra
Journal of Economic Theory, 2007, 127(1), pp. 117-137.

October 2004, Paper Number 49
A Model of Add-On Pricing
Glenn Ellison
The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2005, 120(2), pp. 585-637.

October 2004, Paper Number 48
Coordinating on Lower Prices: Pharmaceutical Pricing Under Political Pressure
Sara Fisher Ellison and Catherine Wolfram
RAND Journal of Economics, forthcoming.

September 2004, Paper Number 47
Opportunistic Political Cycles: Test in a Young Democracy Setting
Akhmed Akhmedov and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya
The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2004, 119(4), pp. 1301-1338.

September 2004, Paper Number 46
Laws for Sale: Evidence from Russia
Irina Slinko, Evgeny Yakovlev and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya
American Law and Economics Review, 2005, 7(1), pp. 284-318.

September 2004, Paper Number 45
Decentralization and Political Institutions
Rubin Enikolopov and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya

September 2004, Paper Number 44
The Unity of Auction Theory: Paul Milgrom's Masterclass
Eric Maskin
Journal of Economic Literature, 2004, 42 (4), pp. 1102-1115.

August 2004, Paper Number 43
Jean-Jacques Laffont: A Look Back
Eric Maskin
Journal of the European Economic Association, 2004, 2 (5), pp. 913-923.

August 2004, Paper Number 42
Decentralized Trade, Random Utility, and the Evolution of Social Welfare
Michihiro Kandori, Roberto Serrano and Oscar Volij

June 2004, Paper Number 41
On Watson's Non-Forcing Contracts and Renegotiation
Roberto Serrano

June 2004, Paper Number 40
The Measurement of Intellectual Influence: The Views of a Sceptic
Roberto Serrano
Economics Bulletin, 2004, 1(3), pp. 1-6.

May 2004, Paper Number 39
The Communication Requirements of Social Choice Rules and Supporting Budget Sets
Ilya Segal
Journal of Economic Theory Forthcoming

May 2004, Paper Number 38
Firm Specific Training
Leonardo Felli and Christopher Harris

February 2004, Paper Number 37
Managerial Firms, Vertical Integration, and Consumer Welfare
Patrick Legros and Andrew F. Newman

January 2004, Paper Number 36
On the Robustness of Majority Rule Updated Paper, January 2008
Partha Dasgupta and Eric Maskin

October 2003, Paper Number 35
Common Priors for Like-Minded Agents
Klaus Nehring

October 2003, Paper Number 34 Updated Paper, April 2006
Decision-Making in the Context of Imprecise Probabilistic Beliefs
Klaus Nehring

October 2003, Paper Number 33
The Theory of Implementation of Social Choice Rules
Roberto Serrano

June 2003, Paper Number 32
Rejecting Small Gambles Under Expected Utility
Ignacio Palacios-Huerta, Roberto Serrano, and Oscar Volij
Economics Letters, 2006, 91(2), pp. 250-259.

May 2003, Paper Number 31
Uniqueness of Equilibrium in Sealed High-Bid Auctions
Eric Maskin and John Riley
Games and Economic Behavior (issue in memory of Robert Rosenthal), 2003, 45, pp. 395-409.

February 2003, Paper Number 30
Beauty is a Beast, Frog is a Prince: Assortative Matching with Nontransferabilities
Patrick Legros and Andrew F. Newman

January 2003, Paper Number 29
Mistakes in Cooperation: The Stochastic Stability of Edgeworth's Recontracting
Roberto Serrano and Oscar Volij

December 2002, Paper Number 28
A Characterization of Virtual Bayesian Implementation
Roberto Serrano and Rajiv Vohra
Games and Economic Behavior, 2005, 50(2), pp. 312-331.

December 2002, Paper Number 27
Market Power and Information Revelation in Dynamic Trading
Piero Gottardi and Roberto Serrano
Journal of the European Economic Association, 2005, 3(6), pp. 1279-1317.

October 2002, Paper Number 26
Credit Rationing, Wealth Inequality, and Allocation of Talent
Maitreesh Ghatak, Massimo Morelli, and Tomas Sjöström

September 2002, Paper Number 25 Updated Paper, March 2006
Sequential Innovation, Patents, and Imitation
James Bessen and Eric Maskin
Rand Journal of Economics (forthcoming).

June 2002, Paper Number 24
Mechanism Design for the Environment
Sandeep Baliga and Eric Maskin
K.G. Mäler, and J. Vincent (eds.), Handbook of Environmental Economics, Elsevier Science/North Holland, June 2003, 1, pp.306-324.

June 2002, Paper Number 23 Updated Paper, November 2004
Uncertainty, Waiting Costs, and Hyperbolic Discounting
Partha Dasgupta and Eric Maskin
American Economic Review, 2005, 95(4), pp. 1290-1299.

June 2002, Paper Number 22
On the Equivalence Between Welfarism and Equality of Opportunity
François Maniquet
Social Choice and Welfare, 2004, 23, pp.127-147.

June 2002, Paper Number 21
Fair Income Tax
Marc Fleurbaey and François Maniquet
Review of Economic Studies, 2006, 73(1), pp. 55-83.

June 2002, Paper Number 20 Updated Paper, Spring 2004
The Politician and the Judge: Accountability in Government
Eric Maskin and Jean Tirole
American Economic Review, 2004, 94 (4), pp. 1034-1054.

June 2002, Paper Number 19
Understanding the Soft Budget Constraint
János Kornai, Eric Maskin and Gérard Roland
Journal of Economic Literature, 2003, 41 (4), pp. 1095-1136. Reprinted in Hungarian, Közgazdasági Szemle, 2004, 60, (7-8) pp. 608-624 and (9) pp. 777-809. Reprinted in Russian, Voprosy Economiki, 2004, 11, pp. 4-33.

June 2002, Paper Number 18
Party Formation and Policy Outcomes Under Different Electoral Systems
Massimo Morelli
Review of Economic Studies, 2004, 71 (3), pp. 829-53.

May 2002, Paper Number 17
The Evolutions of Focal Points
Ken Binmore and Larry Samuelson
Games and Economic Behavior, 2006, 55, pp. 21-42.

May 2002, Paper Number 16
Welfare Egalitarianism in Non-rival Environments
François Maniquet and Yves Sprumont
Journal of Economic Theory, 2005, 120, pp. 155-174.

May 2002, Paper Number 15
Social Orderings for the Assignment of Indivisible Objects
François Maniquet

April 2002, Paper Number 14
Fair Production and Allocation of an Excludable Nonrival Good
François Maniquet and Yves Sprumont
Econometrica, 2004, 72, pp. 627-640.

March 2002, Paper Number 13
Vertical Foreclosure and Specific Investments
Rachel E. Kranton and Deborah F. Minehart

February 2002, Paper Number 12
Retrading in Market Games
Sayantan Ghosal and Massimo Morelli
Journal of Economic Theory, 2004, 115, pp. 151-81

December 2001, Paper Number 11
The Demand Bargaining Set: General Characterization and Application to Majority Games
Massimo Morelli and Maria Montero
Games and Economic Behavior, 2003, 42 (1), pp. 146-64.

November 2001, Paper Number 10
Rationalizing Choice Functions by Multiple Rationales
Gil Kalai, Ariel Rubinstein, Ran Spiegler
Econometrica, 2002, 70 (6), pp. 2481-2488.

November 2001, Paper Number 9
Testing Threats in Repeated Games
Ran Spiegler
Journal of Economic Theory, 2005, 121 (2), pp. 214-235.

October 2001, Paper Number 8
On Indescribable Contingencies and Incomplete Contracts
Eric Maskin
European Economic Review, 2002, 46(4-5), pp. 725-733.

October 2001, Paper Number 7
Arms Races and Negotiations
Sandeep Baliga and Tomas Sjöström
Review of Economic Studies, 2004, 71, (20), pp 351-369.

October 2001, Paper Number 6
Implementation Theory
Eric Maskin and Tomas Sjöström
“Implementation Theory,” (with T. Sjöström), in K. Arrow, A. Sen, and K. Suzumura (eds.), Handbook of Social Choice Theory Vol. I, Amsterdam: North Holland, 2002, pp. 237-288.

August 2001, Paper Number 5
The Emergence and Persistence of the Anglo-Saxon and German Financial Systems
Sandeep Baliga and Ben Polak
Review of Financial Studies, 2004, 17, (1), pp. 129-163.

July 2001, Paper Number 4
Roy Radner and Incentive Theory
Eric Maskin
Figure for Radner Paper
“Roy Radner and Incentive Theory,” Review of Economic Design, 6, 2001, pp.311-324. Reprinted in T. Ichiishi and T. Marschak (eds.), Markets, Games, and Organizations (essays in honor of Roy Radner), Berlin: Springer, 2002, pp. 179-192

June 2001, Paper Number 3
Analogy-Based Expectation Equilibrium
Philippe Jehiel
Journal of Economic Theory, 2005, 123, (2), pp. 81-104

May 2001, Paper Number 2
Auctions and Efficiency
Eric Maskin
(Text of the Seattle lecture), in M. Dewatripont, L. Hansen, and S. Turnovsky (eds.), Advances in Economic Theory (invited lectures from the 8th World Congress of the Econometric Society), Cambridge University Press, 2003, pp. 1-24.

April 2001, Paper Number 1
A Credit Market à la David Hume
Menahem Yaari


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