Social Science Members JT Roane and K-Sue Park talking in one square, Members Andreas Folkers, Alyssa Battistoni and Lorenzo Alunni walking outside of Fuld Hall in the second square, and Members Heather Davis and Matt Salganik talking over lunch in the third square.

Social Science Seminar 2023-2024

Except where noted in bold in the list below, the Social Science Seminar is held on Mondays from 10:30am-12:00pm in Rubenstein Commons, Room 5. Attendees include Faculty, Members, and Visitors in the School of Social Science. Colleagues from across the campus community are welcome to attend, as are invited colleagues from other institutions.

Seminar Schedule



September 26

Alondra Nelson

Platform Society

October 2

Geoff Mann

Climate of Uncertainty 

October 9

Penelope Deutscher

Revocability, Exception, Disqualification:
Grammars of Power After Dobbs

October 16

David Nieborg

Theorizing, Locating & Analyzing Institutional Platform Power 

October 23

Wendy Brown

#No Cop City and Reparative Democracy

October 30

Juan Llamas-Rodriguez

"Playing the Migrant" in Humanitarian Media Platforms

November 6

Natacha Nsabimana

On Exile and Postcolonial Nationhood

November 13

Lisa Nakamura

The Queen of Myspace: Tila Tequila and Asian American Social Media Infrastructure

November 20

Kriti Kapila

The State as Platform in Post-biometrics India

November 28

Shamus Khan

The Astors, Elite New York, and Historical Ethnography

December 4

Gary Wilder

Caribbean Polis: Recalling C.L.R. James on Decolonization, International Socialism, and the Good Life

December 11

Pablo Boczkowski

Digital Freud: The refiguration of inequality, sociality, and personhood in clinical practice.



January 22

Christian Sandvig

Is Machine Learning a New Style of Ignorance? Promiscuous Association and Optimization in Media Platforms and Beyond

January 29

Zahid Chaudhary


February 5

Malte Ziewitz

Algorithmic Underground

February 12

Hannah Wohl

Chemistry or Harassment? Relational (Mis)matches in Orientations Toward Work in Pornography Production

February 20

Nadia Marzouki

"Divine Disobedience" and the Reimagination of Morality

February 26

Lindsey Cameron

The "Good Bad" Job:  How the Gig Economy Makes Work Sticky

March 4

Daniela Gabor

The Return of the Interventions State

March 11

Didier Fassin

Ever-Recommencing Exile. Ethnography and Geopolitics

March 18

Ann Kelly

The Humble Brick: Mosquito Vectors, Designing with Air and the Incremental Home

April 1

Shiloh Krupar

Spotting Crime, Health, Heat: Operational Banalities of Administrative Surveillance

April 8

Antonio Vázquez-Arroyo

Transatlantic Thought: Colonialism, Concatenations, Misplacements

April 15

Julia Ticona

Trusted Strangers: Domestic Work, Data & the Morals of Online Markets

April 22

Darryl Li

Captivity in the Forever (and Foregone) War

April 29

Moira Weigel

Third Party: Amazon's Marketplace and the Making of Platform Worlds 


Seminar subjects may vary from the personal statements of Members included elsewhere on this site. Please refer to the titles above for the topic of each talk.