Scholars 2023-24


Pablo J. Boczkowski
Northwestern University
Communication Studies


Pablo J. Boczkowski is Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani Professor at Northwestern University. He is the author of seven books, five edited volumes, and over sixty journal articles. He is currently working on a book tentatively entitled Digital Freud: Platforms, Psychotherapy and Personhood in Contemporary Society.


Lindsey Cameron
University of Pennsylvania
Management, Organizational Theory, Labor


Lindsey Cameron is interested in algorithmic management, the gig economy, and the future of work. While at IAS she will be working on several projects in this area, including a multi-national comparative ethnography book project tentatively titled, The Good Bad Job: How Algorithmic Management Reconfigures Work.


Zahid Chaudhary
Princeton University


Zahid R. Chaudhary has written on photography, film, and critical theory. While at IAS he will be finishing a book about the psychopolitics of contemporary “post-truth” culture.


Penelope Deutscher
Northwestern University


While at IAS Penelope Deutscher will work on her book project, Revocability after Roe: developing a post-Foucauldian vocabulary for the reproductive rights that are made and undermined by heterogeneous forms of power. She specializes in the intersections of twentieth century French philosophy and theories of gender and sexuality.


Daniela Gabor
University of the West of England
Political Economy


Daniela Gabor is interested in the macrofinancial politics of decarbonisation, money and time. At IAS she will work on the comparative derisking technologies of statecraft in the Global North and South.


Kriti Kapila
King's College London
Social Anthropology


Kriti Kapila is a social anthropologist specializing in the anthropology of the state and the law. She has written on property, dispossession, and sovereignty in India in relation to indigenous title, museum objects, and data ownership under biometrics (Aadhaar). At IAS she will be working on digital state-making in India.


Ann Kelly
King's College London
Anthropology and Global Health


Drawing together ethnographic and policy work at the intersections of infectious disease control and emergency R&D, Ann Kelly will examine how health inequities might be leveled through situated processes of user-led product design, manufacturing, regulation and supply, proposing a more just model for "Global Health on the Make."



Shamus Khan
Princeton University
Sociology and American Studies


While at IAS Shamus Khan will be writing a book following different members of the Astor Family, from the 1780s through the early 2000s. He's interested in using the lives of Elite New Yorkers to trace the character of American inequality over time.

khan, shamus

Shiloh Krupar
Georgetown University
Geography, Culture and Politics


Shiloh Krupar studies the spatial administration of inequality, vulnerability, toxicity, and uneven life conditions, which she considers to be geographical political and embodied relationships. While at IAS Krupar will research heat information systems that facilitate targeted health interventions and climate securitization.

krupar, shiloh

Darryl Li
University of Chicago
Anthropology and Law


Darryl Li is an anthropologist and legal scholar thinking mostly about questions of war, law, migration, empire, and racialization in the currents between the Middle East, South Asia, and the Balkans. While at IAS he will be working on a book on captivity in the forever war.

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Juan Llamas-Rodriguez
University of Pennsylvania
Media Studies


While at IAS Juan Llamas-Rodriguez will analyze digital platforms that purport to enable Global North citizens to experience "what it is like" to undertake a migration journey. His project reveals how these platforms set up an unequal communicative exchange and, in doing so, transform the “migrant story” into a neocolonial commodity.


Geoff Mann
Simon Fraser University
Political Economy


Geoff Mann is interested in the political life of economic ideas, and lately, about climate change in particular. At IAS he will be working on a project concerning uncertainty: how we manage it, how it is changing, and the political limits and possibilities these developments afford.

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Nadia Marzouki
Sciences Po/CNRS
Political Science


Nadia Marzouki works on religion, law and democracy. At IAS she will work on a book on “divine disobedience” and the reimagination of morality. The book looks at how faith-based activism in Italy, Tunisia, France, and the US proposes alternative ideals of political solidarity that reshape transatlantic and trans-Mediterranean borders.


David Nieborg
University of Toronto
Media Studies


David Nieborg's research examines the political economy of the media and communication industries, with a particular focus on platform companies. At IAS he will be working on a book that provides a framework to locate and analyze institutional platform power.

nieborg, david

Natacha Nsabimana
University of Chicago


Natacha Nsabimana is a cultural anthropologist. At IAS Nsabimana will be working on a book manuscript examining the ways in which the 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda occupies the spatial memory of the country’s landscape and the kinds of individual and national narratives such memories allow and disavow.


Julia Ticona
University of Pennsylvania
Sociology, Communication and Media Studies


Julia Ticona researches social inequalities, digital technologies, work, and culture. At IAS she'll be working on a book about care work, platforms, and the internet.

ticona, julia

Antonio Y. Vázquez-Arroyo
Rutgers University-Newark
Political Theory


Antonio Y. Vázquez-Arroyo is interested in the dialectical legacy of critical theory, European and transatlantic political thought. While at IAS he will be studying the making of transatlantic political thought in relation to colonialism and the historical sedimentations in the making, placement, and misplacement of political ideas.


Moira Weigel
Northeastern University
Communications and
Media Studies


Originally trained in modern languages, including German, French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese, Moira Weigel now studies digital media in a global context. At IAS, she will be working on a book about transnational e-commerce marketplaces and the third-party entrepreneurs, experts, and hustlers who make them.


Gary Wilder
CUNY Graduate Center
Intellectual History and
Political Theory


Gary Wilder's research focuses on African and Caribbean colonialism, European imperialism, Marxism, and Black radical critical thought. While at the Institute he will be working on a book about the distinctive intellectual and political orientation of C.L.R. James.


Hannah Wohl
University of California,
Santa Barbara



Hannah Wohl is interested in judgment, valuation, and creativity in cultural markets. At IAS she will be working on a book project based on her ethnography of the pornography and adult content creation industry, analyzing how industry members negotiate acceptable culture as they produce pornography across digital platforms.


Malte Ziewitz
Cornell University
Science and Technology Studies


Malte Ziewitz is an ethnographer and sociologist of science, technology, and computation. While at IAS he will be working on a manuscript about the “Algorithmic Underground” and ask how ordinary people cope with, understand, and challenge automated systems.



David S. Byers
Term 2
Bryn Mawr College
Social Work

David S. Byers studies applied ethics among mental health and social service workers in cases of stigmatized and contested care. This year he is developing a series of articles on social work in the West Bank, Palestine since 1994, and a book on the history of queer and trans affirmative mental health care in the US since the 1960s.

byers, david

Anne-Claire Defossez
Institute for Advanced Study

Anne-Claire Defossez will devote this year to further explore the relation between the concepts of solidarity and civil disobedience, starting from the research she conducted on the French-Italian border and the book she just finished with Didier Fassin on exile, solidarity and repression.

defossez 2023

Jennifer Duprey
Rutgers University-Newark
Humanities and Political Philosophy

While at IAS Jennifer Duprey will be working on a comparative study of Maria-Mercè Marçal’s book of poems titled The Body’s Reason, and Gillian Rose’s philosophical memoir, Love’s Work. In different yet complementary ways, their work questions the medical and cultural understanding of illness and its relation with society, reason and gender.


Javier Lezaun
Oxford University
Anthropology, Science and Technology Studies

Javier Lezaun is an anthropologist of scientific practices, interested in how new techniques alter the relationship between humans and the natural world. While at IAS he will be completing a book on practices of mosquito control, and researching a new project on emerging economies of carbon sequestration.


Ifrah Magan
New York University
Social Work

Ifrah Magan is a community engaged social work scholar and practitioner working on issues impacting Black, Muslim, and displaced populations. While at IAS she will be completing a study examining the critical role refugee-led organizations play in shaping the health and mental health equity outcomes of refugee populations.


Research description coming soon

Adele Mitchell_STSV Lab, Visiting Scholar

Goya Wilson Vasquez
University of Bristol
Memory Studies in Latin America

Goya Wilson Vasquez works on memory struggles and creative/radical methodologies from Latin America by examining the dilemmas of writing violence, intersections between research and activism, and the uses of creativity/imagination in memory work. At IAS she will finish her book, Troubling Testimonio, collective memory work in postwar Peru.

Goya Wilson Vasquez headshot

Funlayo Wood
African and Diasporic Religious Studies Association
Africana Religion and Philosophy

While at IAS Funlayo will further her research on the intersections of Africana religions and digital technology, with attention to the limitations of their engagement. She will also continue work on her manuscript in progress, which examines the use of the kola nut in the context of Ifa-Orisa religion.

wood, funlayo

Research Associates

Marc Aidinoff
Postdoctoral Research Associate
History and Science and Technology Studies

Marc Aidinoff studies the intersection of public policy, technology, and liberalism in the United States. At IAS he will be working on a book about the computerization of the U.S. welfare state since 1974.


Christine Custis 
Research Associate 
Ethical and Responsible AI Innovation

While at IAS, Christine will support administration of convenings and outputs of the AI Policy and Governance Working Group (AIPGWG) is led by Harold F. Linder Professor Alondra Nelson and hosted in the Nelson Science, Technology, and Social Values (STSV) Lab within the School of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS).

Christine Custis, STSV Civic Science Fellow