ITG Services

The Information Technology Group (ITG) provides a wide range of computing services and support for the School of Historical Studies, School of Social Science, Administration, and special programs.

Help Desk

The Help Desk is the primary contact for all computing matters related to Institute-provided equipment and services. We are available to answer questions and fix problems Monday through Friday, 8AM through 5PM. The Help Desk can be reached by calling 609-734-8044 (or just extension 8044 from on-campus or housing) or via e-mail at:

Office Computers

The IAS office computers are connected to the Internet and have a large number of applications installed. Please visit the Computer Standards page for more information.

Non-IAS Computers

The ITG Help Desk cannot provide hands-on support for non-IAS-managed equipment per IAS Computing Policy section 3.10, but we can answer questions and help you find further assistance. We can assist you with installing software, but cannot install software for you in your absence. Any assistance ITG provides to non-IAS computers must be done in the presence of the owner of the computer. If you require assistance, please contact the ITG Help Desk to make an appointment.


Email accounts are provided for individuals who receive approval from their affiliated departments. To find out more information about how you can connect to your e-mail account, please visit the Email section.


ITG coordinates on-campus computer training classes each semester. The number and subject matter of the classes may change but are generally geared toward subjects most relevant to our users. The Institute also provides year-round online training for faculty, members, and staff of all schools and departments. Please visit the Training section for more information.

Network Services

The Information Technology Group provides a wide range of network services, including the following:

• Internet Access

All Institute-provided office computers are connected to the Internet via high-speed network connections. High-speed internet access is also available for those in IAS housing. Please visit the Ethernet in Housing page for more information.

• Network Printing

All Institute-provided office computers are capable of printing to any of a number of network laser printers around campus. For most users, the closest network printer will be configured as the default printer on your Institute-provided computer. Please visit the Printing page for more information.

• Network Storage

Network file storage is provided for all members, faculty, and staff. All users will have an "I:" drive mapped on their Institute-provided office computer that connects them to their own personal space on a network file server. The file servers are backed up daily, and in some cases, more than once a day. Please visit the File Storage page for more information.

• Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

The Information Technology Group provides VPN access to the Institute network. VPN connects remote users to the IAS network, giving them access to files, e-mail, and other network services. Please visit the VPN section for more information.

• Public Clusters

There is a public computer cluster available for use by all faculty, members, staff, and visitors. The cluster contains PCs and Macs, and two PC-based scanners. The Scanning computers have Adobe Photoshop, OmniPage Pro (for OCR), Read IRIS (also for OCR), and CD-burners. Please visit the Public Cluster page for more information.

• Virus Protection

All IAS computers have virus protection software installed, which is updated on a regular basis. Also, all e-mail (incoming or outgoing) is scanned for viruses by a series of virus scan servers. If you have concerns about your computer, (IAS or personal) or e-mail, being infected by a virus, please contact the ITG Help Desk. For more information on viruses, and what to do if you think you may be infected, please visit the Virus section of our website.

• Remote Software Deployment

The Information Technology Group deploys anti-virus and other critical and security software updates to all IAS-owned Microsoft Windows-based office computers that it supports during the evening hours when most clients are not in their office working. The ITG Help Desk will send out an e-mail message to all of its clients announcing when these remote deployments will take place. Please visit the Software Updates page for more information.