About ITG

The staff of the Institute for Advanced Study's Information Technology Group (ITG) assists members of the Institute community in finding solutions — general or complex — to computing questions.

Who We Serve

The Information Technology Group services the computing needs of Members, Visitors, Research Staff, Faculty, and Employees of the following IAS divisions:

  • School of Historical Studies
  • School of Social Science
  • Administrative Offices
  • H/S and M/N Libraries
  • Special Programs under the Director's Office

If you are affiliated with Institute through one of these divisions, the information provided by the Information Technology Group is pertinent to your computing situation. If you are affiliated with the School of Mathematics or the School of Natural Sciences, please see the section below for more information.

Contacting Other Computing Teams

The School of Mathematics and School of Natural Sciences have their own computing support staff. If you are affiliated with the Institute through either of these two schools, please refer to the appropriate school home page on the main IAS Computing webpage for more information. All computing inquiries made to Information Technology Group personnel by Mathematics or Natural Sciences affiliates will be referred to the appropriate Mathematics or Natural Sciences Computing staff member.