File Storage

Network file storage is provide for all members, faculty, and staff. There are personal network storage spaces (I-drive,) personal web spaces (also located in the I-drive,) numerous departmental spaces (P-drive,) and ITG supported websites (W-drive.).

The table below lists most of the available file shares

\\\usrfiles The user folders (I-drive) for most staff and faculty members.
\\\users The user folders, and personal web spaces (I-drive,) for all members.
\\\depot This location contains the departmental folders (P-drive.)

If the path to the files you are trying to access is not listed above, please contact the Help Desk.

On Campus

If you have an Institute-owned office computer, then an "I:" drive is already mapped for you, which connects you to your own personal storage space on the network file server.

Off Campus

The information listed above for On Campus is the same for off campus, but in order the gain access to the Institute network you will need to establish a VPN connection first.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

To connect to your network drive using the IAS VPN

There are two options:

First Option:

Use the built in feature by clicking on Home Directory and downloading and uploading your files from the IAS VPN web portal. If the files are not uploaded back to the your home directory they will not update the version on the ITG network drive.

Second Option: (currently used method to access network drive)

1. Once you are logged into the IAS VPN

2. Click on Start for Network Connect.

3. Click on Allow for the Internet Security Dialog Box

4. To Verify if you are connected, you will see the Network connect icon in your system tray

5. Now you can follow the steps of mapping your drive

Map Network Drive in Windows

Map a Network Drive in Mac OSX

UNIX (SSH apps also available via Windows and Mac)

To access your personal network storage (I-drive,) establish a SSH connection with The home folder you are placed in will contain your personal files. It will also contain a public_html folder, which is where your personal web space files are located. To access ITG supported website directories, navigate to /home/web. We currently do not support methods for connecting to other file spaces using UNIX.

Backups and Snapshots

Backups are provided for all of our servers, including your own network storage space. A snapshot is a copy of a set of files and directories as they were at a particular point in the past. Snapshots are taken several times throughout the day and provide different revisions of your files which gives you more selections for file version recovery. To recover data from back ups please see instructions from here

ITG clients are required to store work-related files on the network storage drives. These drives are backed up in a daily basis and provide a higher probabiblity of data recovery. Please do not store files on the local hard drive of the office machine. It is best to use the I:\ drive. If you store files on your personal computer, please back up your files on a regular basis.