Public Cluster

There is one public computer cluster on-campus containing Windows and Macintosh computers serviced by the Information Technology Group. Members, Faculty, and Staff of all schools/offices and their families are welcome to use these machines at any time; however, after 5 p.m. Monday - Friday and on weekends you will need an ID card to gain access to the computer rooms. Food and drink are discouraged in the clusters and it is requested that all children under 16 yrs. be accompanied by an adult.

The Information Technology Group requests that users refrain from installing unsupported software and hardware on cluster computers without first consulting with a member of the computing staff.

All of these computers are used frequently by a number of different people; therefore, we also advise you to avoid storing irreplaceable and/or private work files on the hard drives of these computers.

The Historical Studies/Social Sciences Library Computer Cluster consists of a combination of four Windows and One Macintosh computers, one networked printer, and two HP ScanJet 6250C 1200dpi color scanners.

Total Windows Computers Total Macintosh computers Total Network Printers Total Scanners Total Document Senders
4 1 1 2 1

Users will find a full compliment of software applications installed on each computer. Examples of the software applications installed include:

Windows Machines Macintosh Machines
Operating system: Windows 10
Adobe Acrobat Professional
Windows Defender
Microsoft Office 2021
Operating system: Mac OSX
Adobe Acrobat Professional
Microsoft Office 2016