Using Email at IAS

The Information Technology Group (ITG)* has various methods available for connecting to email. Our recommendation is to utilize Zimbra Webmail as much as possible, as it is our most reliable email client and it is accessible from any Internet-enabled computer or device.

The following email clients have been tested and verified to work with IAS email.

*NOTE: If you are part of the School of Mathematics or School of Natural Sciences, please visit the computing support page for your school.

Zimbra Webmail

Webmail is powered by Zimbra and is available via any internet browser. Zimbra Webmail consists of email, calendar, contacts, task management, and file sharing. It also provides mobility and syncs to several desktop client applications.

Microsoft Outlook

Most IAS Faculty, Staff, and Members with Windows PCs currently use Outlook as their primary email client on their IAS office computers.

NOTE: If you choose to use Outlook for off-campus access, you will need to purchase the software independently. Due to licensing restrictions, the Information Technology Group cannot install this application on any non-Institute computer.

Apple Mail

Mac users can connect to their IAS email through the native Apple Mail application by using the secure IMAP protocol.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free cross-platform email client developed by the same team that created the Mozilla Firefox internet browser.

Mobile Devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone)

Smartphones and tablets are able to connect to IAS email through their native mail applications using ActiveSync.

IAS Email Server Information

Additional applications and devices can connect to IAS email using the standard IMAP settings below:

  • Username: This is the portion of your IAS email address before the @ sign.
    e.g. if your IAS email address is, your IAS username is jdoe.
  • Email Address: Your IAS email address.
  • Password: Your IAS account password.
  • IMAP or Incoming Server:
  • IMAP Port: 993 (SSL)
  • SMTP or Outgoing Server:
  • SMTP Port: 587 (TLS)
  • Enable SSL Authentication if available