SNS Visitor FAQ

Some questions may require situationally specific information. In those cases, please reach out to one of our Academic Assistants: Astrophysics: Amanda,, x8059, BH-123; Physics: Lisa,, x8215, BH-271; Physics & Biology: Audrey,, x8118, BH-209

Public Safety: x5460 or 609-947-5940
SNS IT: or x8030


ID cards allow access to all buildings, your housing, and your office. Visitor ID Cards can be picked up at the reception desk in Fuld Hall. The reception desk is located to the right upon entering the main doors of Fuld Hall.

If you arrive between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, you may collect your packet from the receptionist on duty.

If you arrive after 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday or at any time on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, you may collect your packet from the Public Safety Officer on duty. If the Public Safety Officer is not present at the reception desk when you arrive, you may use the telephone on the desk in the lobby to contact him by dialing 5460. If you reach a voice mail box, please leave a message. The public safety officer will come to Fuld Hall generally within 15 minutes of a call.

If you have a problem with your ID card, contact Public Safety at 1-609-947-5940, or by email at

Select the appropriate WiFi on your device:

  • IAS – register as guest or with IAS login. Go to if it does not connect automatically.
  • eduroam – your institution login or IAS login

For more details check the wireless user guide or the general SNS IT webpage at You can also contact our IT department directly or x8030.

Printer locations and instructions can be found at

Expenses cannot be reimbursed if it is more than 120 days after purchase. Please submit expenses within 30 days of your visit. See forms below and speak with one of our Academic Assistants for details about reimbursements. 

If there is a maintenance issue during normal office hours (Mon.-Fri. 8:30am-4:30pm), please contact and copy your academic assistant. (Astrophysics - Amanda, Physics - Lisa, Physics & Biology - Audrey) 

Off-hour emergencies: During evenings, weekends, and holiday closings, emergency maintenance needs should be reported to the Public Safety Officer on duty in Fuld Hall (ext. 8241).

If your stay is less than 30 days, you can add funds to your ID Card at Fuld Reception to use our laundry facility. For location and details see

  • a campus phone, dial the four-digit extension.
  • an outside line, dial 9. All outside calls require a 1 before the area code.
    • Domestic call, you would dial 9-1-Area Code-XXX-XXXX
    • International call, you would dial: 9 – 011 – Country Code – Phone#
  • DO NOT dial 911 (this number is to report an emergency to local police). If you dial 911 in error, please do not hang up. Explain to the dispatcher that this number was dialed in error.

The dining hall is located in Marilyn and James Simons Hall for lunch and breakfast, Monday through Friday. Simons also have a small stock of groceries. Rubenstein Commons offers light breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday. Wednesday-Friday evenings the bar is open in Rubenstein with a select dinner menu.

Details, hours, and menus are online on the Dining Services page. Please note you will need to make your own dining arrangements on weekends and outside operation hours. One thing to be aware of is that the Institute is a little distance from downtown Princeton, and the nearest restaurant is a 20-30 minute walk away. If you don't want to walk you could call for a taxi/Lyft to take you downtown, where you can find a restaurant.

There are a couple of fax machines available: BH-118 (609) 951-4425, BH-144 (609) 951-4402, or BH-272 (609) 951-4489.

Visitor parking is available at Princeton University in the Stadium Drive Garage. This parking garage is within walking distance to Jadwin Hall and Peyton Hall.

Visitors coming to the University on weekdays from 7 AM to 4 PM are welcome to park in Stadium Drive Garage. Frequent TigerTransit service is available from the garage to stops on Washington Road, Nassau Street, and University Place. Click for more information on TigerTransit routes and schedules.

Visitors parking in the garage are asked to register for a daily visitor permit. Registration can be done online in advance or at the garage during arrival.


The Institute strongly recommends that those living and working on campus stay up-to-date with all CDC recommended COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters then eligible.  We no longer require proof of the vaccine series and booster.  The vaccine mandate that was endorsed in 2021 is no longer in effect. 

See our procedure page for details:

IAS does not provide childcare. Below are links to organizations that screen and background check their providers.

Bloomberg Hall:

Mailboxes are located on the first floor next to BH-113 in the common room. There are slots for outgoing and interoffice mail. Mail is delivered and picked up at 8:30am every weekday.

Small kitchen areas can be found around the building: BH common room, CSB magazine area, CSB Leibowitz Room, and the Astrophysics library. Each one has a sink and refrigerator. Microwaves are available in CSB areas and the Astrophysics library. Filtered hot/cold water available across from BH-123 and BH-225 (cups in cabinets in kitchen areas).

Work Areas and Supplies: Workrooms are located throughout Bloomberg Hall where a large range of office supplies are provided. Although you are welcome to take supplies from any area, you will find some items used by certain groups only in their specified work areas. Astrophysics: 118, hall area 144, hall area 244; Biology: 114 and 214; Physics: 191 and 272