Welcome to the IAS and the School of Mathematics!

The staff of the School of Mathematics Help Desk welcomes you to the Institute and we are looking forward to virtually meeting and working with each of you in coming weeks. Our group is comprised of the followingstaff members:

Kevin Kelly -  IT Manager

Theresa Arzadon-Labajo - Senior System Administrator

Rutger Helling - System & Software Support Specialist

We can be reached Monday –Friday between 8:00 –5:00 PM EST at

Our website URL is

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you may have –technical or non-technical. We are here to assist you and will do everything we can in an effort to make your time at the Institute as academically enriching and rewarding as possible.

Please take a few minutes to review the information in this document to better acclimate yourself with some of the information technology services and resources that are available to you as a member of the IAScommunity.

IAS user account
(All scholars)

As a visiting scholar at the Institute, you are provided with an Institute user account, which provides you with access to the valuable resources and services that are discussed in this document.

Resources to which your IAS user account gives you access

Computer Networks
(Only scholars in-residence)

The Institute offers robust wired and wireless computer networks across the academic campus and housing complex. There are two SSIDs for our wireless networks–eduroam and IAS. You will need to register each personal device that you would like to use on our wired or wireless networks.

Dropbox Storage Space
(All scholars)

Through an agreement with Dropbox, the widely used cloud storage and collaboration service, all visiting scholars can store, access, synchronize, and share documents from any device, with unlimited storage. Registration is required.

Equipment Loans
(Only scholars in-residence)

The School of Math Help Desk offers a variety of computing hardware for short-term loan–laptops, projectors, display adapters, etc.

(All scholars)

This secure and temporary storage service allows you to share files with people both inside and outside of Institute.

IAS Email
(All scholars)

While we recommend and encourage the use of the feature-rich IAS WebMail client, you are welcome to use your preferred email client (e.g. Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, etc.) to access your IAS email.

IAS Office Computer
(Only scholars in-residence)

All visiting scholar offices are equipped with a Springdale Linux computer system, which is built by compiling source packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

IT Security Infrastructure
(All scholars)

Continuous security awareness of all members of the IAS Community is the key for creating a safer computing environment for all stakeholders.

Licensed Software
(All scholars)

An assortment of locally installed and cloud-based licensed software applications are available for your use during your stay at the Institute.

Mathematics/Natural Sciences Library Resources
(All scholars)

When connected to the Institute’s network from on or off campus(through OpenVPN), the IAS community has access to the majority of Princeton University's digital subscriptions in mathematics, physics and biology.

Network Printers
(Only scholars in-residence)

There are black and white and color network printers deployed throughout our academic buildings and in the Activities Center in the Institute’s housing complex. Visiting scholars can print to these network printers from their personal computers and devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, etc.).

Network Storage Space
(All scholars)
All visiting scholars are provided network storage space for storing their data during their residence at the Institute. This storage space is regularly backed up and is accessible from both on and off campus(through OpenVPN or ssh access).

Personal AntiVirus Protection
(All scholars)

The Institute offers free VIPRE anti-virus licenses for personal computers running a Windows operating system.

Personal Web Space
(All scholars)

All visiting scholar home directories contain a public_html folder, which can be used to host a personal website.

Remote Access-OpenVPN
(All scholars)
All visiting scholars have access to most IT services (including Princeton University electronic library resources) while off-campus through OpenVPN.

Remote Access - ssh
(All scholars)

ssh (Secure Shell) access is possible through our SSH gateway.

(All scholars)

Since the Institute is opening the Fall 2020 academic term with a reduced number of staff members physically on campus, we ask that all support requests be submitted to

Video Recordings
(All scholars)

Many of the weekly talks and workshops held in the School of Math are recorded and posted online for other mathematicians around the globe to view.

(All scholars)

Every IAS scholar has access to their own personal Zoom meeting space.  From this service, you can arrange scheduled or ad-hoc video meetings with multiple participants, as well as screen-sharing, online collaboration tools, recording capability and more.

For a review of the complete IAS Service Catalog, please visit the following webpage:


Below is a link to a hard copy of the School of Mathematics Documentation:

Introduction to the School of Math Computing Resources and Services