Staff and Administration


Theresa Arzadon-Labajo
Senior System Administrator
Simonyi Hall 003

Krista Carroll
Academic Assistant to Enrico Bombieri, Phillip Griffiths, and Thomas Spencer
Simonyi Hall 115

Brian Chin
System and Software Administrator
Simonyi Hall 024

Pinky Goyal
Academic Assistant to Camillo De Lellis, Jacob Lurie, and Akshay Venkatesh
Simonyi Hall 109

Michelle Huguenin
Program Manager
Simonyi Hall 106

Kevin Kelly
IT Manager
Simonyi Hall 002

Andrea Lass
Academic Assistant to Avi Wigderson and Pierre Deligne
Simonyi Hall 107

Nicole Maldonado
School Administrative Officer
Simonyi Hall 117

Anthony Pulido
Academic Assistant to Helmut Hofer, Robert Langlands, Robert MacPherson, and Peter Sarnak
Simonyi Hall 108