Working with Your Web Space

All clients supported by the Information Technology group have a web space available for academic use. This FAQ will provide you with the appropriate information to begin working with your web space.

Please note: Your web space is to be used for scholarly and administrative purposes only. It may not be used for commercial purposes or for financial gain. Please read the Institute's Computer use Policy for details.

Your web space contains a file called index.html, which is placed there to serve as a default page. You may edit, or replace, this page. If you are interested in using the logo, it can be found at the following URL.

All web spaces are reached by visiting with username being replaced with your individual username. For example, if your username is jdoe, then your web space would be reached at http://people(dot)ias(dot)edu/~jdoe

Note: If you are staff or faculty, your web space will not be located in your I-drive. You will have your own directory located at \\itgfs\users\. You will need to map your computer to this location in order access your web space. If you need assistance with this, please contact the Help Desk.


The web space for members is located directly within the I:\ drive, which is mapped to \\itgfs\users\username. In this case, the personal web space can be accessed by following these instructions.

These instructions assume that you are using an Institute provided office computer.

  1. Double-click on My Computer
  2. Double-click on the I:\ drive
  3. Double-click the public_html folder
  4. Inside this folder is a sample webpage that you can edit, or replace, called index.html. This index page contains the current ITG template. You can edit this page using any webpage editing program currently installed on your computer. You could also open your web page editor, and open the index.html page from within the program. The path to the page is I:\public_html\index.html


If you have a UNIX account, provided by ITG, you can access your personal web space in the following way.

  1. Start a SSH session in
  2. Type cd public_html
  3. Type ls. This will show you the directory listing for your web space. By default, there is a sample webpage that you can edit, or replace, called index.html.
  4. Use a text editor such as vi or grep to edit the index.html file.