Recover Lost Network Files

ITG provides its clients with a quick and easy way to recover files and/or folders due to data loss or corruption. A snapshot is a copy of a set of files and directories as they were at a particular point in time, provided that these files and directories are located in a network file storage supported by ITG. So how would you recover a file or folder from the snapshot?

First, one should know how to access specific network file storage discussed here. The next step depends on which operating system you are using. For example:

Mac users:

  1. Access snapshots by navigating to the folder or directory where the missing file was located.
  2. Then select the Go menu > Connect to Server
  3. Type smb://"Username"/.snapshot/ Do not use Quotation Marks

Windows users: may recover any file and/or folder that has been saved in any of the network file storage supported by ITG by appending "~snapshot" at the end of the shared parent directory.

  1. You may do this on the address bar of Windows Explorer or through the Windows search box within the Start menu in Windows 10.
  2. Depending on what file share you want to recover a file and/or folder from, use the file share directory shown in the chart here then append "~snapshot".

Example: Visiting member will have to enter \\\users\~snapshot on the address bar in Windows Explorer to recover files and/or folders from their I:\ drive.

NOTE: The same procedure applies for the rest of the directories listed on the File Storage section of the ITG Support Page.

Within snapshots you will find various folders from "hourly.0" to "weekly.2". Hourly.0 contains the most recently backed up files and weekly.2 contains the older versions as they were backed up 2 weeks ago. Just copy and paste the file or directory you want to recover from the snapshot to the folder or directory of your choice.

Recovering a file or folder through snapshots ensures the least data loss and a less complex recovery process. For more information about this process or procedure, please contact the ITG Help Desk at ext. 8044.