SPSS Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m accepted, do I have to commit to both cycles of the program? YES.

My Ph.D. will be awarded after the application deadline but before the start of the program. Am I eligible to apply? NO. Applicants must have their Ph.D. in hand no later than the application deadline.

I am currently living in Brazil and will be moving to France before the program starts. Am I eligible to apply? NO. You must have permanent residence in one of the countries in Africa, the Middle East, or Latin America during the program.

I am currently living in France completing a fellowship. Am I eligible to apply? YES. As long as you have permanent residence in one of the countries in Africa, the Middle East, or Latin America, you are eligible to apply.

I would like to complete different parts of the application at different times. Is that possible? YES. Once you begin the application, you can save your progress and work at your own pace. However, once you submit the application, it cannot be reopened or changed.

What am I expected to submit as a writing sample? Your writing sample can be anything you want to submit, published or not, although published is preferable. It can be a full paper, a chapter in a book, an article, whatever you choose as a representation of your work. We accept only one piece, and it can be any number of pages, up to 35.

May I update my application after I have submitted it? NO. You may save your work and progress through the application at your own pace. Once you have submitted the application you will no longer have access to it, and School staff cannot make changes for you.

I received a promotion after the application deadline. May I add it, or will you make a note of it on my application? NO. Once your application has been submitted, the information cannot be updated.

I completed my application but did not submit it before the deadline. Is it possible to submit after the deadline? NO. Please read the instructions closely and be sure submit your application before the deadline. Once the deadline has passed, School staff cannot override the system and submit on your behalf.

I am not sure whether I submitted my application. How can I check? You will receive an email confirmation when you submit your application. Also, you may log in to the application system to see whether your application is "submitted" or "in progress." 

My spouse/partner and children will be traveling with me. Can they stay with me in the on-campus apartment? YES and NO. Your spouse/partner can stay with you, but children cannot. The apartments that we use for this program do not accommodate children. If you bring your children, you will have to find off-campus housing for them and your spouse/partner, however, you are required to stay on-campus.

Can I participate in the program remotely? NO.