bond book aug 2022

David Bond (Visitor 2022-23), Negative Ecologies: Fossil Fuels and the Discovery of the Environment, University of California Press, 2022

fassin la societe2

Didier Fassin (Faculty), La Société qui vient, ed., Seuil, 2022.

fassin book, policing

Didier Fassin (Faculty), Policing the City. An Ethno-graphic (with Frédéric Debomy and Jake Raynal), Other Press, 2022.

fassin book crisis under 2

Didier Fassin (Faculty), Crisis Under Critique. How People Assess, Transform, and Respond to Critical Situations, ed. (with Axel Honneth), Columbia University Press, 2022.

deleeuw, paul ricoeur

Marc de Leeuw (Visitor 2019-21, 2021-22 term 1), Paul Ricoeur’s Renewal of Philosophical Anthropology: Vulnerability, Capability, Justice, Rowman & Littlefield, 2021.

fassin death of a traveller

Didier Fassin (Faculty), Death of a Traveller: A Counter Investigation, Polity, 2021.


Didier Fassin (Faculty), Pandemic Exposures: Economy and Society in the Time of Coronavirus, ed. (with Marion Fourcade), Hau Books, 2021. (Free download)

fassin rebel economies

Didier Fassin (Faculty), Rebel Economies: Warlords, Insurgents, Humanitarians (editor with Nicola Di Cosmo and Clémence Pinaud), Rowman & Littlefield, 2021.

fassin words and worlds

Didier Fassin (Faculty),  Words and Worlds: A Lexicon for Dark Times, ed. (with Veena Das), Duke University Press, 2021.

fassin book, force de l'ordre

Didier Fassin (Faculty), La Force de l’ordre. Une enquête ethno-graphique (with Frédéric Debomy and Jake Raynal), Seuil/Delcourt, 2020.

fassin book, mort voyageur

Didier Fassin (Faculty), Mort d’un voyageur. Une contre-enquêteSeuil, 2020.

Book cover - On The Judgment of History

Joan W. Scott (Emerita), On the Judgment of History, Columbia University Press, 2020.