2012-13 Theme Seminar - Economics and Politics

Organizer - Marco Battaglini Readings and Seminar Schedule (Open to participants only)
Visiting Professor from Princeton University

Economic and political matters are obviously closely connected. Indeed, the disciplines of economics and political science have their common origin in the field of political economy, which was premised on this inter-relationship. For many decades, however, each discipline took rather little notice of the other; the subjects evolved in more-or-less parallel universes. That has changed in recent years, which have seen a renaissance in the study of economics and politics together. Thus, for example, scholars have been investigating how political alignments induce and constrain economic policy--and, conversely, how economic conditions shape the growth of political movements and coalitions. We anticipate assembling a diverse group of eight to twelve scholars to examine positive issues like these, as well as normative questions, such as which political systems best promote economic welfare. We are also interested in research on the history of political economy and political economists, the theories advanced in that field and their pertinence to what counts as political economy today.

Grant support from the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung is gratefully acknowledged.

Participating IAS Scholars

Other Participating Scholars

Danielle Allen
Institute for Advanced Study
Peter E. Buisseret
Princeton University
Venkataraman Bhaskar
University College London
Carlo Prato
Georgetown University
Eric Chaney
Harvard University
Sylvain Chassang
Princeton University
John M. de Figueiredo
Duke University
Roland Benabou
Princeton University
Ruben Enikolopov
New Economic School - Moscow
Adam Meirowitz
Princeton University
Jessica Goldberg
University of Pennsylvania
John B. Londregan
Princeton University
Jens Großer
Florida State University
Thomas Romer
Princeton University
Alexander V. Hirsch
Princeton University
Maria Petrova
New Economic School, Moscow
Caroline Thomas
University of Texas at Austin
Karen Knorr Cetina
University of Chicago