Useful Zimbra Resources

Below are links to some additional Zimbra resources that you may find to be helpful and informative.

What is the Zimbra Collaboration Suite?

Online User Manuals:

Online How To's, Videos, and Tutorials

  • Zimbra Tech Center - A Wiki that contains knowledge-base articles for various Zimbra features & functionalities
  • Zimbra Web Client Webinar - Provides an overview of Zimbra's webmail client
  • Zimbra Training - Serves as a hub for all Zimbra-related training resources
  • Zimbra Demos, Tips & Tricks Series - Series of helpful YouTube videos from the official Zimbra channel, topics include:
    • Sorting Email
    • Setting Zimbra Email & Text Reminders
    • Importing and Exporting with Zimbra
    • Using the Zimbra Mini Calendar
    • Creating a Contact Group in Zimbra
    • Enabling Two-Factor Authentication