Leaving the Institute - What you need to know

If you are a member, and leaving IAS, please see below for some helpful information to assist you with your departure.

1. You can setup e-mail forwarding to have your e-mail sent to another account.

For instructions please see the following link: Email Forwarding

2. If you have been using an IAS provided office machine you will want to back up any files which you saved locally on the machine, and also back up files that are on your personal network storage space (I drive).

3. If you had used your personal web space provided by ITG, you will want to make a copy of your public_html to take along with you.

4. If you plan to make a copy of your emails to take along with you, then please see below for instructions.

5. You might also be interested in making a back up of your bookmarks on your office machine.


Important Reminder: Double check the backups to make sure all your data is there.


Note: Once you have left the Institute we do remove your IAS user account and data from our network servers. Once we have removed your account, we will not be able to recover any of your data. So please make sure to have a copy of your data.