Is your Internet Explorer not displaying certain web pages properly?

You accessed a website using Microsoft Internet Explorer when you get an error stating “JavaScript is disabled on your browser” or received a pop-up security alert warning stating that “Your current security setting do not allow this file to be downloaded.” You were able to access this website before and it is critical for you to access this resource. What’s going on and what can you do about it?

Microsoft recently released a security advisory announcing a new security vulnerability with their Internet Explorer web browser ( This vulnerability allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands from a compromised computer. Currently there is no software fix for this vulnerability. Until a software fix is available, the Information Technology Group has taken steps to combat this vulnerability by disabling Internet Explorer's ability to work with "active scripting". All Microsoft Windows computers managed by the Information Technology Group are affected by this change.

To resolve this vulnerability, we urge you to use Mozilla Firefox. Most websites are accessible with Mozilla Firefox.

If a website was designed to only work with the Microsoft Internet Explorer, then add the website in question as a trusted site in Internet Explorer by following the instructions provided in this link:

IMPORTANT: Add sites to the trusted site list ONLY if you truly trust the site.