Working with Zimbra Briefcase

The Zimbra Briefcase can be used to share and manage documents that you create in Briefcase or documents and images that you upload to your Briefcase. Briefcase lets you save files in your account so that you can access these files whenever you log in to your Zimbra mailbox from any computer.

You can upload various document types from your computer or your computer network and you can save attachments sent with your email messages to a Briefcase folder. You can create different briefcase folders to organize the files.

Files you upload to Briefcase are copies of the original file on your computer. Changes you make to a file in your briefcase do not change the original file.

  1. Click the Briefcase tab.
  2. Select Briefcase from the New list on the toolbar.
  3. The Create New Briefcase dialog displays. Type a name for the new Briefcase folder. This name must be unique within the hierarchy of your mailbox folders.
    • Briefcase folders cannot have the same name as any top-level folder in your Zimbra mail, calendar, or address book. For example, if you have a calendar named Holidays, you cannot name a top-level Briefcase Holidays. Holidays could be a name of a briefcase within another briefcase.
  4. Select the folder hierarchy. You can create a new top-level briefcase, or you can place it under an existing briefcase.
  5. Click OK. The new briefcase displays in the Overview pane.

    Uploading a file transfers a file from your personal computer to your Zimbra mailbox. This makes the file available any time you log in to your Zimbra mailbox. Your account quota determines how many files can be uploaded to your Briefcase.

    To upload files:

    1. Open Briefcase and on the toolbar click Upload File.
    2. In the Upload New File to Briefcase dialog click Browse to find the files to upload. You can select multiple files to upload at once if the files are in the same directory. To add other files, click Add and browse to the file. When you upload a file with the same name as an existing file, an Information dialog displays a warning. If you click No, the file is not uploaded.
    3. When all files are uploaded, click OK. The files are displayed in the briefcase.

      Briefcase folders can be shared with others in your organization and outside of your organization. You can give permissions to others to create and edit the content of a briefcase or just view the pages.

        You can select to preview files in your Briefcase folder in the preview pane.

        1. Click View on the Briefcase toolbar.
        2. Select a preview option.

        To learn more about reading, replying, and forwarding messages with the ITG Zimbra Desktop client, please browse through the Working with the Zimbra Briefcase guide.