Windows 7: Locate your files with the Search box

In Windows 7, you can find the Search box in the upper right corner of every folder. Try this by opening your Documents folder. Click in the search box and start typing your search term. You'll start to see results as soon as you begin to type. There's no need to press ENTER, because, as soon as you type a letter C, for example, the folder automatically filters out all the files that don’t match—so you’ll see just the files that have the letter C on the filename. If you add the letter A, the search results displays file names with words containing CA right away. The files could be about cars, California, or small cats. If you keep typing, the results will get more and more focused and accurate.

The Search box searches for a lot more than just file names, which makes it easy to find stuff. In addition to the file name, your search may include other properties of the file such as the author, the type of file (such as text, spreadsheet, or digital picture), and any tags you've added to the file.


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