Synchronizing Outlook with the Zimbra Server

The first time you open Microsoft Outlook after the Zimbra Connector for Outlook is installed and configured, your Outlook mailbox automatically synchronizes with the ITG Zimbra server. This initial synchronization can take some time to complete depending on the size of your mailbox.

The progress of your synchronization is displayed in the Zimbra Send/Receive Progress dialog. You can still use Outlook during the synchronization process because all of the synchronizations take place in the background. Any new email messages received during this process will be delivered immediately.

After your first synchronization is completed, you can access your ITG Zimbra mailbox account using Microsoft Outlook.

  • Your mail folders are displayed in the Navigation pane. You can view your calendar, contacts, and tasks by clicking the application bar below your mail folders, located at the lower left of the pane.
  • The most recent email received is displayed in your Inbox in the Content pane. The Content pane also displays the details of appointments, contacts, and tasks, depending on what application bar is active.
Note: If the synchronization does not start automatically, you can manually start the synchronization by clicking on Send/Receive located on the toolbar.