New Sort and Filter Options

Like most computer users, we often save a tremendous number of files in a single location. Windows 7 have new tools and features to help you organize and locate folder content easily. One of them is the sort and filter option available to any folder.

When you open a folder in Windows Explorer, hover your mouse to any column heading (such as Name or Date modified) and you'll see a drop-down arrow to the right of the column name. Click that arrow for a pop-up menu of options including the ability to sort, filter, group and stack files / folders.

For example, while viewing the contents of a folder in Windows 7, hover over the date modified column and click on the arrow that shows up to the right of Date Modified. On the menu that drops down, click on the “Earlier this week” option. This filters the contents of the folder you are currently viewing and displays results of files and folders which were last modified earlier this week. To undo the filter, go back to the date modified column, click on it and uncheck the “Earlier this week” filter option.


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