Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox: How to use the Zoom Feature

With Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, you can make webpages easier to read by magnifying the page (zooming in). If you zoom in, everything on the webpage will be magnified (including text, images and controls). Zooming will change the magnification of the webpage, regardless of the webpage’s formatting. You may use the following keyboard shortcuts:

· For Windows, press CTRL + PLUS SIGN (+) to zoom in, or CTRL + HYPHEN (-) to zoom out.

· For Mac, press COMMAND + PLUS SIGN (+) to zoom in, or COMMAND + HYPHEN (-) to zoom out

Internet Explorer also offers two more ways to zoom in or out of a webpage:

  • Click on the "Page" button in the upper right-hand corner of the browser. Place your mouse over the word 'Zoom,' then click on the percentage indicating how much bigger you would like the page to be. Depending on how large of a percentage you chose, the pictures and text on the page could get very enormous indeed! Set the text back to normal size by selecting '100 percent'.
  • Click on the Magnifying glass icon at the bottom right corner of the Internet Explorer window and click the arrow next to it to open the list of zoom options to select from.

Changing the zoom level affects the entire page, resizing both text and images. If you change the zoom level to 100 percent, webpages will appear in their original sizes.