How to use Digital Sender

The HP Digital Sender scans physical documents and sends them as an attachment to E-mail addresses.

1. Insert page face up in top tray until the light next to the tray lights up and a beep is heard.

2. Touch the E-MAIL button on the touch screen.

Digital Sender

3. This screen is to configure who your E-mail is going to, and the subject of the E-mail. The From: field is fixed, and cannot be edited.

Digital Sender

4. Press the To: button on the touch screen to add an E-mail address. This will bring up a keyboard on the touch screen.

5. Enter the E-mail address by pressing the letters on the screen until the full email address is displayed (e.g. then push OK.

Digtal sender

6. This will bring you back to the E-mail setup screen. Press the Subject: button.

7. This will bring up another keyboard on the touch screen. Enter your subject then select OK.

8. Once the To: and Subject: fields are complete, select the E-mail settings button on the right side of the screen.

9. If you are using a one sided document and the default settings are fine, see Step 11.

10. This screen will have two options: Original settings (settings concerning the document you are sending) and E-mail settings (settings concerning the way the document will be sent).

Digital Sender

Original Settings button:

  • Options for the paper size (letter is the most common)
  • Options of portrait or landscape
  • Select if the document has text on one or both sides of the sheet
  • Page content button:
    • Select if only text
    • Select if only image
    • Select if it is a mix (both images and text)

Digital Sender

E-mail Settings button:

  • Options for color or black and white
  • Options of file types: PDF (default and recommended), JPEG, TIFF, MTIFF
  • Select Resolution: 150 dpi (default), 200 dpi, 300 dpi
  • Select file size: Small, Standard (default), and Large. This will affect how large the file will be.

Digital Sender

11. To send the document press the Start button or the green physical button on the sender. If a message is asking you to check the glass, open the lid, check the glass, and press OK.

12. The document that was scanned will come out right below the top tray. Please remove your document before leaving.

13. If you are prompted to save the current settings, press NO.