Getting started with the Zimbra Webmail Client

The Zimbra Web Client (ZWC) is a full-featured messaging and collaboration application that offers reliable, high-performance email, address books, calendaring, task lists, and Web document authoring capabilities. The ZWC has two versions:

  1. Advanced Web Client offers the full set of Ajax-based Web collaboration features. The advanced Web client works with newer browsers and faster Internet connections.
  2. Standard Web Client is a good option when internet connections are slow or users prefer HTML-based messaging for navigating within their mailbox.

The main ZWC components are Email, Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, Documents and Briefcase. User Preferences and Zimbra Assistant are also powerful ZWC features. The features of each component are included in the following table.

Component Features
  • Compose and send new email messages.
  • Include attachments with your message.
  • Read and reply to email messages.
  • Forward email messages to one or more recipients.
  • Track email exchanges using the Conversation feature (to view an entire message thread at once) or traditional message view.
  • Search email messages, attachments, and other ZWC areas.
  • Create your own folders to organize email.
  • Create tags to organize your email, contacts, etc.
  • Set up different account identities and addresses to manage different roles in your job or personal life.
  • Share your email folders.
Address Book
  • Create and manage multiple address books.
  • Easily add contacts from email messages you receive.
  • Import and export contact lists.
  • Share your address books.
  • Create and manage multiple calendars.
  • Create appointments, meetings, and events.
  • See attendee's free/busy schedules, show your free/busy schedule.
  • Import and export calendars.
  • Share your calendars.
  • Create multiple tasks lists.
  • Create to-do tasks.
  • Add attachments to your tasks.
  • Manage a task, set the priority, and track the progress.
  • Share your task lists.
  • Create documents using a rich-text editor, add graphics, create links to Web pages.
  • Upload any type of file to your briefcase so that you can access the file whenever you log on to ZWC.
  • Create folders to organize files that you upload.
  • Share your Briefcase folders.
  • Manage how your mailbox features work for Email, Address Book, and Calendar.
  • Create email filters.
  • Set up forwarding to another email account.
  • Create notification messages, such as a vacation message, and designate when to turn them on and off.
  • Choose a different language to view a mailbox user interface.
  • Use different account identities (personas) and addresses to manage different roles in your job or personal life.

The Zimbra Web Client is designed to work within an Internet browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Macintosh Safari are three of the most popular. Follow these general guidelines when using the Zimbra Web Client within a browser:

  • The browser's Back button takes you to the previous page you were viewing. You can also use the Forward button.
  • To log off, click on the Log Out button. If you browse to a different site without logging out first, your session may remain active until it times out. If you share a computer, other users can access your account while the session is still active.
  • Do not use the browser's Reload (Refresh) button. Doing so will restart your session.

To learn more about the ITG Zimbra Webmail client, please visit the Getting Started Guide.