Internet access in IAS housing

The information below will help you step through the process of signing up for an Ethernet connection in housing and provide answers to other questions. Please read the entire document.

Do you have an Ethernet card installed?

In order to connect to an Ethernet network, your device must have a 100M or Gigabit Ethernet network interface card (NIC). A card designed for 10/100/1000 Mbps networks is a great idea. The NIC's connector looks similar to a telephone jack connector but it's wider. An Ethernet NIC is not a modem! A modem is a device used to dial an Internet Service Provider to access the Internet. In your case, an Ethernet NIC will be used to plug into the local network which is also connected to the Internet. If you do not have an Ethernet NIC, you should either install it yourself (if you have the expertise) or have the NIC installed by a local computer software and hardware shop. The following link provides contact information for computer software and hardware shops in the area: Local computer shops. It is a good idea to call first to verify that they can install an Ethernet NIC in your machine and the time frame for doing so.

How should the Ethernet card be configured?

The TCP/IP protocol bound to the Ethernet NIC should use DHCP. If you plan to have a technician in a local computer shop install the NIC, then copy the previous sentence and give it to the technician. You can also ask the technician to write down the MAC/Ethernet address for the card. You will need that information to fill out the registration form. By setting the TCP/IP protocol to DHCP, your computer will pull all the network information it needs to access the Internet.

Do you know the Media Access Control (MAC) Address for the Ethernet NIC?

The MAC Address is sometimes called the Ethernet Address (EA) for the NIC. A MAC Address is a unique twelve digit hexadecimal number that is used to identify your NIC on our planet. It may be presented in a format which breaks the digits into six pairs or as one contiguous number. Example: 05-A8-34-C3-67-B4 or 05A8342367B4. The MAC Address is sometimes imprinted on the NIC. If you need assistance finding the MAC Address please read How to Locate Your Ethernet MAC Address. If you still can not find the MAC Address and you do have a NIC installed correctly, the Help Desk can assist you with finding the MAC Address.

Have you registered for your connection?

The Institute now uses an online network self-registration process. To register a device, plug it into an available jack or connect to the IAS wireless network and point a web browser to If you have problems with the initial connection, limited support from your school's computing staff will be available.

What does limited support service mean?

Limited support service indicates that the Institute's computing staff in the various departments are not responsible for installing or configuring hardware or software on private devices.

What ITG services will I be able to access from housing?

Besides the Internet, you will be able to access the Institute's web sites and E-mail servers.

What ITG services are not accessible from housing?

Support for connecting to ITG print queues are not currently supported. Please do not attempt to configure your computer to log into the ITG domain. Your machine could download security settings from our server that you may be unable to change back.