Computer Security Common Sense: Backing up your data

We all want easy solutions when it comes to computer access and security. The easiest thing you can do to ensure that you don’t lose all of your important computer data is to make a backup copy. This is just a common sense, but so few people take a few minutes to stop what they are doing and just back up their data.

Some viruses and Trojan horse programs will erase or corrupt files on your hard drive and a recent backup may be the only way to recover your data and ensure data security. Additionally, if you have a power failure or surge and your surge protector fails, your hard drive might get damaged and result is data loss.

Be proactive and remember to backup your important data. You can backup your files to a removable disk (e.g. USB thumb drive, CD or DVD) or save copies to network storage space that is backed up regularly. Unfortunately, it's not a matter of "if" you'll lose files one way or another; it's a matter of "when".