The ABCs of Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

The mouse, one of the greatest advances in computing history, provides you with an intuitive point-and-click method for using your computer. Depending on the type of work you're doing; however, sometimes using a mouse actually slows you down. If you are a good typist, taking your hands away from the keyboard to move the mouse can use up a few seconds. Over the course of a full day, you could save several minutes by using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse.

Here are a few commonly used Mac keyboard shortcuts:

Command-A Selects all, you can use this command in nearly every application

Command-B Bold text

Command-C Copy

Command-D Duplicate selected item

Command-E Eject

Command-F Find

Command-G Find and replace

Command-H Hide an application, good when you’re being sneaky

Command-I Displays information for the selected item

Command-J Show view options

Command-K Connect to server

Command-L Create an alias

Command-M Minimize the current window to the dock

Command-N New Finder window

Command-O Open

Command-P Print

Command-Q Quit

Command-R Show the original of an alias

Command-S Save

Command-T Add the selected item to the Sidebar

Command-U Underline the selected text

Command-V Paste

Command-W Close

Command-X Cut

Command-Y Quick Look

Command-Z Undo / Redo

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