5 Tips to keep your electronics cool this summer

Summer is finally here. As the days get warmer, make sure to keep your computer and other electronic gadgets nice and cool. Extreme heat can potentially damage your expensive toys. So keep these five tips in mind as you go through the summer months:

1. Allow for Airflow
Give your equipment a little breathing room. Make sure there is ample of space around your devices - about 2-3 inches, and make sure the vents are clear and that there are no loose items that could obstruct airflow around your electronic devices.

Most printers, computers, routers and other electronic devices have vents located on the back or on the side. This configuration allows cool air to be pulled in to the device from the front or from the sides and for the hot air to be forced out through the back or to the sides. If the equipment is stored in an enclosed area, hot air tends to cycle through it making it hotter and hotter the longer it is running.

2. Position Electronics Away from Heat
Never place your computer by a window under direct sunlight. Move the computer to a cooler and cleaner area. It is best to position it along the path of airflow from a fan or air conditioner. You will be amazed how this can help cool down your equipment. Hot air rises, so store things on the basement or ground level if needed.

3. Don’t Stack Them
Electronic devices get hot enough on their own. Stacking them on top of each other produces and conducts even higher temperatures. Keep your devices spread out and use shelves whenever possible.

4. Keep It Clean
The fans inside your computer and other equipment are there to keep it cool. Dirt in the form of dust, human or pet hair, etc. may slow down the fan and eventually cause it stop. Use a can of compressed air to blow the dust away from all of your gadgets. Remember to keep all of the vents clean and unobstructed.

5. In Case of Emergency, Shut Down
If one of your gadgets begins to overheat and malfunction during the hot summer months, shut it down and disconnect its power supply. Let it sit and cool down until the casing is no longer hot to the touch, and then try to use it again. Make sure it’s not stacked with any other devices, and keep the area clear to allow for proper airflow.


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