10 Tips to drive around your Windows computer

It is always great to find ways that help you get to the files and/or folders you are working on as quickly as possible. Here are a few time-saving tricks to help you navigate around your Windows computer more efficiently:

  1. To select a file/folder/icon, while in the directory where the item is located, type the first letter of the item you are looking for. If there are several files/folders/icons starting with the same letter, continue hitting the same key, which is the first letter of the item you are looking for until the file/folder/icon you are looking for is selected.
  2. To search for a file/folder, press the F3 button.
  3. To rename a file/folder, select the file/folder then press on the F2 button, and then type the new file/folder name.
  4. To find out when a file/folder was created, by whom, and how big it is: right-click on the file/folder, and then click Properties.
  5. To display the Start menu, press the Ctrl + Esc keys. The key with the Windows icon also does the trick.
  6. To create a shortcut on your desktop of your favorite file or folder just drag the file/folder icon to your desktop.
  7. To scroll between open items, press the Alt + Tab keys, holding down Alt key while tapping on the Tab key to reach the desired file or program.
  8. To minimize all windows at once to get to the desktop, press the Windows + D keys.
  9. To display the top of the active window's contents, press the Home key.
  10. To display the bottom of the active window's contents, press the End key.


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