Transportation and Maps

Airports & Ground Transportation

See the Institute's website for detailed information about airports and ground transportation options at:

Further information related to transportation, including information about taxis and limousine services, rental cars and more can be found on the Institute's Transportation page. Information about where to buy or rent used bicycles can also be found on the "Used Items for Sale or Rent" page.

(Information about Bicycles is posted elsewhere)

Parking on the Institute campus

If you park your vehicle on the IAS campus or in the Members Housing complex, please complete this electronic registration so that Public Safety has a means of getting in contact with you if needed.

If you plan on parking your vehicle for an extended period of time (more than one week) without moving it, please use the overflow parking area located on Olden Lane. This will help to provide parking spots for daily use in the main parking areas.

Car Rentals

By the hour - Enterprise Car-Sharing Program (formerly "WeCar")
Princeton University has begun a car-sharing program on their campus with Enterprise Car Sharing. They have kindly extended an offer to the Institute community. Through this program cars are available for hourly or daily rental. The nearest cars to the Institute campus are parked on Princeton University property at the Lawrence Apartments and in front of the tower at the Graduate College.

Other car rental companies
The Institute also has arrangements with two other local car-rental companies, Enterprise and Dollar, that both offer longer-term rentals.

Recommended taxi services:

Jacques Taxi - Limo: 609 273-6126
(Private taxi & Limousine service, local area and to airports.)

Henry Aimos: 609-462-4854
(Private taxi service recommended by fellow historians.)

AAA Taxi: 609-921-1177
(Provides 24-hour service to and from Princeton and surrounding areas, the train stations, and other destinations.)

Associated Taxi Stand: 609-924-1222
(Located in front of Princeton University on Nassau Street.)

Free Shuttles

There are three free shuttle services available to scholars at the Institute.

IAS Shuttle
The Institute shuttle service is the closest. This shuttle runs approximately once an hour starting at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 8:00 p.m. The IAS shuttle vehicle is a white bus that follows a regularly scheduled route from the Institute campus to various stops in and around Princeton. Click here for specific times and stops on the IAS shuttle schedule.

Princeton University Shuttle
Princeton University has a free shuttle service that anyone may use. This shuttle runs more frequently than the Institute shuttle, and it starts earlier in the morning, and stops running only late at night. The Princeton shuttle does not, however, have a stop on the Institute Campus. For a map and directions to the closest stop, at the Lawrence Apartments, click here. For further detail about the Princeton shuttle, including a map of the route system and the most current schedule, click here.

Princeton Free-B Shuttle
In the interest of limiting traffic congestion in town, especially during the morning and evening rush, the town of Princeton has set up a free jitney bus service known as the "Free-B Shuttle". There is a "rush hour" service that runs during rush hour in the morning and evening, to and from the Dinky station (on Alexander St.). Starting at the Dinky this bus makes a loop with a first stop on Palmer Square, proceeding up toward Princeton High School, and then returning back to Nassau St via University Place and the Dinky station.. The schedule for the rush hour service can be found on the web here. There is also a "Neighborhood bus" (see schedule) that runs through the middle of the day, starting just before 10:00 a.m., and ending at about 4:00 p.m. That bus travels along Stockton St. (Route 206), through downtown Princeton to Harrison St., loops back toward Princeton High School and then travels out toward the Princeton Shopping Center and on past that for a couple additional stops. It is free of charge for anyone in Princeton to use. For further information see "Community Bus Service" or the town's own transportation page.

Public Transportation

There is a bus line to New York City via Suburban Transit bus company, bus number 100, which departs from Nassau Street in Princeton, at the main gates to the university, and travels to Port Authority bus station in Manhattan. Information about that can be found on the web at: Trains to New York and as well as the local public bus system is operated by New Jersey Transit. Full information about the NJ Transit bus and train system can be found on the New Jersey Transit website. There are a number of connecting bus routes that serve Princeton and adjoining communities. Unfortunately the buses do not run very frequently. Bus routes 605 and 606 serve Princeton. The closest bus stop for bus lines 605 and 606 is 0.8 miles (1.29 km) from the Institute, near the corner of Stockton Street (route 206) and Elm Road. The bus also stops in downtown Princeton at Palmer Square. The 606 bus also runs to the Trenton Transit Center, where it is possible to connect to a range of other buses (601, 608, 609 & 619).