Frequently Asked Questions

Can I resubmit my application from a previous year?
No, applicants who have applied in the past must submit a new application.

May I update my application after I have submitted it? 
No, you may save your work and progress through the application at your own pace. Once you have submitted the application you will no longer have access to it.

My plans for next year have changed. May I defer my offer, if accepted as a Member? 
No, deferrals are not permitted but you are welcome to reapply.

Are letters of references required?
Applicants who have been awarded Ph.D.s within the last five years are required to submit two letters of reference. Referees will receive a link to upload their letters through the application portal.

Do you accept references from dossier services, such as Interfolio?
We expect letters of recommendation to comment specifically on the application and proposal being submitted. General letters are not helpful to the application.

I have applied for Membership in the past. Can letters of recommendation that were provided for that previous application be used again?
If you've applied in the previous year, your referees can upload the letters of recommendation from the last recent application again. Letters from more than a year ago, however, will not be accepted.

I have published articles in a language other than English. Can they be accepted as writing samples?
Yes, it is acceptable to submit sample publications in languages other than English.

For the sample publications to upload with the application, will you accept publications that are still forthcoming or that are in press but not yet published?
In general, the Faculty are interested in seeing publications that are already in print. However, if an article in press is particularly relevant to the research proposal, it would be acceptable to upload such an article as a sample publication. Unpublished or forthcoming articles that are not in press or print will not be given consideration.

I have applied for Membership in the past. Do I have to write a new research proposal, or can I resubmit the same proposal sent with my last application?
Yes, it is in your best interest to rewrite the proposal to reflect any research developments in the intervening year.

I hold a position that is at the same level as an Assistant Professor, but I have a different title that is not "Assistant Professor". Can I apply for the Mellon Fellowship?
No, to be considered for a Mellon Fellowship, Assistant Professors must be working on projects in areas represented in the School of Historical Studies and should preferably have gone beyond revising the dissertation.

I am an Assistant Professor. Should I apply only for the Mellon Fellowship, or can I also apply for a regular Membership?
Yes, you can apply both for Membership and for the Mellon Fellowship.

May I apply to both Historical Studies and Social Science with one application? 
No, the application systems and selection processes are entirely separate.

When will I be informed of the decision on my application?
Applicants will be notified by email by early February 2025.

If my application is not successful, may I request feedback on the School's decision?
It is School policy that all deliberations and reviewer comments are considered strictly confidential.

How many times can I be a Member or Visitor in the School of Historical Studies? 
It is only possible to come to the School of Historical Studies twice in a lifetime as a Member and three times in a lifetime as a Visitor. Former members who were previously in residence for a full year may re-apply for a Membership or Visitorship only after a 5-year waiting period (3 years for single-term Members and Visitors) has fully passed. All else being equal, preference will be given to the selection of first-time members.

May faculty from Princeton University apply? 
Only non-tenured faculty from Princeton University may be considered for a Membership with a stipend. Tenured associate professors may only apply for a non-stipendiary Membership. Tenured faculty members, full professors, and emeriti are not eligible for Membership, but may be considered for affiliation with the School as Visiting Associates. For more information, please write to

What is the length of a Membership? 
Members may apply for a single term or for the full academic year. The term dates for the 2025-26 academic year are Term I: September 22 - December 19, 2025 and Term II: January 12 - April 10, 2026.

What does Membership require?  
The only obligation is to remain in residence in Princeton and to pursue one’s research. If they wish, Members may also participate in seminars and meetings within the Institute, and there are ample opportunities for contact with scholars at nearby universities.

Is residency mandatory? 
Members are required to remain in residence in Princeton during term time. Members may rent on-campus housing, unless they live locally or have accommodations within a 20-mile radius of the Institute. Scholars may not commute from NYC or Philadelphia.

How is the stipend paid? 
Members may receive their stipends directly from IAS or through their home institution.

Where can I find information regarding housing and life at the Institute?
Visit our “Coming to IAS” page for more information for prospective Members. The “Campus Resources” page also provides information about living on campus.

My spouse/partner is a scholar. Are there any opportunities on campus for them? 
All spouses and partners accompanying Members at IAS will have access to the library, dining hall, and other shared amenities on campus. More information is available on our “Research Support for Partners/Spouses” page. 

If your spouse or partner holds a Ph.D. in Historical Studies or a related field and has at least three publications in print by peer-reviewed sources, they may apply for a Visitorship affiliation. For more information, email