Additional Information

Travel Stipends:  The Institute will provide limited reimbursement for travel expenses to incoming Members from outside the Princeton area if a travel grant from another source is not available. Travel reimbursement is based on the distance traveled, up to the amounts indicated below. (The amount indicated will be doubled if the scholar is accompanied by family members.)

  • Local Travel (NY/Philadelphia corridor): $50
  • U.S. & Canada (Beyond NY and Philadelphia areas): $500
  • Western Europe & South America: $1,000
  • Eastern Europe , Russia & Middle East : $1,500
  • Asia, Africa, Oceania : $1,750

Visitorship: Short-term Visitorships are available ad-hoc. A Visitorship is limited to no more than a two-month overlap with term time. Applicants must hold a Ph.D. in historical studies or a relevant field, and have at least three publications in print from peer-reviewed sources. Visitorships are not eligible for stipends, and housing and office space are not guaranteed. The deadline for Visitorship requests is February 28 of the preceding academic year. To inquire about a Visitorship opportunity, contact the Administrative Officer at

Former Members and Visitors: It is only possible to come to the School of Historical Studies twice in a lifetime as a Member and three times in a lifetime as a Visitor. Former members who were previously in residence for a full year may re-apply for a Membership or Visitorship only after a 5-year waiting period (3 years for single-term Members and Visitors) has fully passed. All else being equal, preference will be given to the selection of first-time members.

Applicants from Princeton University: Only non-tenured faculty from Princeton University may be considered for a membership with a stipend. Tenured associate professors may only apply for a non-stipendiary membership. Tenured faculty members, full professors, and emeriti are not eligible for membership, but may be considered for affiliation with the School as Visiting Associates. For more information, please write to

Paper applications: Paper applications will be accepted only under very specific circumstances. If you are unable to submit an online application, please contact


More questions about the Membership application process? Please visit our FAQs page