Funding Sources

The funds used to support memberships in the School of Historical Studies come from a variety of sources. The Institute and the School each have their own endowments, and a substantial portion of the support for Members in any given year is usually endowment based. Some memberships are also supported by specific funds dedicated to the support of scholars who meet certain specific criteria. Several of those named memberships are listed below with links to further details concerning that specific source of support and related considerations. The membership application system and the application form are used for all scholars applying to the School for membership, regardless of the type of funding that may eventually be allocated. With one exception (the Mellon Fellowships for Assistant Professors), applicants are not required to mark on the application form the type of funding that they hope to receive. Assistant professors should review the additional eligibility criteria and provisions for the Mellon Fellowships for Assistant Professors, and, if qualified, they should mark the box on the membership application form to be given additional consideration for support from that source. All applications for membership will be considered in an open competition, and potential support from the sources linked to and described below will be decided by the School only after the most qualified applicants have been selected.