East Asian Studies


Nicola Di Cosmo
Henry Luce Foundation
Professor of East Asian History
East Asian History

2023-2024 Calendar of Events

Spring 2024

January 29
Nanny Kim, IAS, Heidelberg University
Mining in late imperial China: Geography and other methodological issues

February 2
Round Table: Democracy and Citizenship in China 
Lydia Liu (Columbia University)
Teemu Ruskola (University of Pennsylvania)
Peter Zarrow (University of Connecticut)
Wang Hui (IAS, Tsinghua University) 
Moderator:  Nicola Di Cosmo (IAS)
(This event will be held in Wolfensohn Hall)

February 5
Sonja Brentjes, IAS
Visualizing the heavens in Eurasia and North Africa and their Material Cultures, 4th mill. BCE to 1700 CE: the database, its goals and its challenges.

February 26
Wang Hui, IAS, Tsinghua University
Survivors and Traces of Civilization: A Jewish Story in Twentieth-Century China

March 18
Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim, IAS, Goldsmiths University of London
Why does the history of medicine matter to the study of the Silk Roads?

April 1
Zsuzsanna Gulácsi, IAS, Northern Arizona University
Manichaeans Artifacts at Buddhist Archaeological Sites of Turfan & Dunhuang


Fall 2023

October 2
Emily Wilcox, IAS, William & Mary
Rethinking the Circuits of Cold War Culture: International Dance Exchanges in Mao-Era China

October 16
Robert Antony, IAS Visitor
Rock Fights and the Culture of Violence in the Early Modern Canton Delta

October 30
Bryna Goodman, IAS, University of Oregon
Expansive Exchanges: Japanese Stock Exchanges in China and Chinese Financial Imagination

November 6
Trenton Wilson, Princeton University
Against Anticipation: Readings of the Analects in Chinese Legal History

November 13
Chen Kaijun,IAS, Brown University
The Technocratic Culture of Bannermen in Qing China

November 20
Dongming Wu,ISAW,New York University
The Indigenous Mining community in Ancient South China

December 4 (CANCELLED)
Yan Liu, IAS, University of Buffalo
Scents from Afar: A Transcultural History of Aromatics in Tang and Song China

Past East Asian Studies Events

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