East Asian Studies


Nicola Di Cosmo
Henry Luce Foundation
Professor of East Asian History
East Asian History

Members, 2020-2021

= first term only = second term only

Gabor Kosa
Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)
Chinese Religions

Xiaoqiao Ling
Arizona State University
Late Imperial Chinese Literature

Julia Orell
University of British Columbia
Chinese Painting

Constantine Vaporis
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Early Modern History of Japan

Nathan Vedal
Washington University in St. Louis
Chinese History

Shellen Wu
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Chinese History

Meng Zhang
Loyola Marymount University
Economic & Environmental History of China

2020-2021 Calendar of Events

FALL 2020

October 5
Wu Shellen
, University of Tennessee, IAS, "Growing Empire in the Age of the Nation-State: From the American West to the Chinese Borderlands"

October 19
Gabor Kosa
, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), IAS, "Indian ascetics in a Chinese Manichaean painting"

November 2
Petya Andreeva, Parsons School of Design, The New School, "Animal Style and Its Visual Tropes: New Perspectives on Iron-Age Portable Ornament from the Eurasian Steppes"

November 16
Lena Maria Scheen, NYU-Shanghai, "Preserve to Erase: Architectural Heritage in Shanghai, 1949-2015"

November 30
Judith Zeitlin
, University of Chicago, "Instrument of Flesh: The Operatic Voice in Late Ming and Early Qing Musical Culture"

December 7
Qin Shao, The College of New Jersey, "Transitional Justice in Post-Mao China and Its Aftereffects: A Case from Shanghai"

December 14
François Louis
, Bard Graduate Center, "The Liao Dynasty in Light of Recent Archaeological Finds"


January 25
Xiaoqiao Ling
, Arizona State University, IAS, "The Beginning of a Reading Tradition: Encyclopedic Learning in 1499 Hongzhi Xixiang ji"

February 8
Julia Orell
, University of British Columbia, IAS, "Cartographic Perspectives in Song Dynasty Painting"

February 22
Constantine Vaporis, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, IAS, "Samurai and the World of Painting, East and West--The Life Experiences of Odano Naotake (1750-80) and Kakizaki Hakyō (1764-1826)"

Constantine Vaporis, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, IAS, "Japanese Peripheries and Cultural Centers--The Samurai Kakizaki Hakyō (1764-1826) and his Ainu Chieftain Paintings"

March 15
Nathan Vedal
, Washington University in St. Louis, IAS, "Philology of the Strange: Evidential Learning and Commentary on Liaozhai zhiyi in the Nineteenth Century"

March 22
Anna Shields
, Princeton University, "Transmission and Transitions of Tang Literature"

March 29
Meng Zhang
, Loyola Marymount University, IAS, "Knowing Exotica: Edible Birds' Nests in Early Modern China"

April 5
Don Wyatt
, Middlebury College, "The Disquieting History of Foreign Enslavement in Medieval China"

Past East Asian Studies Events

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