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Nicola Di Cosmo
Henry Luce Foundation
Professor of East Asian History
East Asian History

2021-2022 Calendar of Events

Spring 2022

January 24
Hao Chunwen, IAS, Capital Normal University
From Conflict to Mutual Compatibility: The Relationship between Traditional Sheyi (社邑) and Buddhism in Medieval China

January 31
Joshua Freeman, Princeton University
Sino-Soviet Friendship and the Uyghur National Project

February 14
Lucia Galli, IAS, École pratique des hautes études
Business Associationism and State Protectionism: The Case of the Kalimpong Tibetan Traders’ Association

February 28
Li Feng,IAS, Columbia University

The Technology of Government and Institutions: Comparative Perspectives on the Development of Royal and Imperial Administrations in Early China

March 7
Antonello Palumbo,Yale University
Sending the Alien Monks Back to the Marchlands: A Forgotten Nationalization of Buddhism in Tang China

April 4
Asaf Goldschmidt, IAS, Tel Aviv University
The Clinical Encounter and Medical Case Records in Chinese Medicine, 1100-1350

April 11
Miura Takashi,IAS, University of Arizona
Memorializing Protests in Early Modern Japan

Fall 2021

October 4
Yukiko Koga, IAS, Yale University
Post-imperial Reckoning: Law, Redress, Reconciliation

October 18
Diana Kim, IAS, Georgetown University
Caste discrimination ("untouchability") and transnational politics in 20th century Kore

November 8
Scott Pearce, IAS, Western Washington University

The Xianbei in their Historical Setting

November 15
Sayuri Guthrie Shimizu, IAS, Rice University 
Japan, the United States and the Enclosure of the North Pacific

November 22
Adele Carrai, NYU-Shanghai

The Human Frontier: Overseas Chinese and the Making of Modern China 

December 6
Bryan Lowe, Princeton University
How Buddhism Spread in Ancient Japan: Provincial Temple Construction and Social Networks, 650–850 CE

December 13
Cheng-hua Wang, Princeton University
The Afterlife of a Painting: Qingming Shanghe, 12th to 16th Century

Past East Asian Studies Events

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