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Nicola Di Cosmo
Henry Luce Foundation
Professor of East Asian History
East Asian History

2022-2023 Calendar of Events

Spring 2023

January 23
Paul R. Goldin, IAS, University of Pennsylvania
“Stirrings of the Heart: The Worlds of Classical Chinese Aesthetics”

January 30
Andrea Nanetti, Nanyang Technological University Singapore & Dumbarton Oaks
"East Asian Studies in the Computational Era: Opportunities and Challenges"

February 13
Emily Baum, IAS, UC-Irvine
"Uncanny Beliefs: Superstition in Modern Chinese History”

February 27
Ethan Harkness, New York University
"Reading Cultural History from Early Chinese Technical Manuscripts”

March 13
Ari Levine, IAS, University of Georgia
“Visions of the Unseen: Models of Visuality and Standards of Evidence in Eleventh-Century China”

March 20
Patricia B. Ebrey
, Professor Emerita, University of Washington
"A Conversation on How Chinese Studies is Changing Today"

March 27
Emily Mokros, IAS, University of Kentucky
"Beijing at War, 1850-1860"

April 3
Manling Luo, IAS, Indiana University
"An Uncertain World in Retrospect: Reading the Paratexts in the Trivial Words from the North of Yunmeng (Beimeng suoyan)"

April 10
Minhua Ling, IAS, School of Social Science
"Materializing Return: Aspiration and Angst of the Chinese Dream in Rural China"

Fall 2022

October 3 
Andrew Chittick
,Eckerd College 
“The Jiankang Empire: Urban Economy and Foreign Trade” 

October 10 
Howard Chiang
, IAS, UC-Davis 
"Narratives of Transtopia in the Sinophone Pacific" 

October 17 
Tansen Sen
, NYU-Shanghai 
"Inventing the ‘Maritime Silk Road’” 

October 24 
Yan (Fiona) Liu
, Northwestern Polytechnical University (Xi’an, China)/Columbia University
 "Early China and the Mediterranean World: Interdisciplinary Study of Prestige Gold” 

November 7 
David Lurie
, Columbia University 
“National Epic and Anti-Epic in Japanese Literary History” 

November 14 
Peter Zarrow
, IAS, University of Connecticut
"State Architecture and National Myths: Museumification of the Forbidden City and Sanctification of the Meiji Shrine in the 1920s" 

November 28 
Kyoungjin Bae
, IAS, Kenyon College 
"Tribute as Infrastructure: Guangdong Woodwork at the Qing Palace Workshops" 

December 5 
Anna Sehnalova
, IAS, University of Oxford 
"Is There Science in Tibet?" 

Past East Asian Studies Events

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